15 must-try social media promotion ideas

Technology has literally transformed everything around us. It has also impacted the way business marketing is done too.

Today, everyone feels a social presence, and billions of people use social networking sites on a daily basis. Do you know 3.8 billion people are active on social media, which is nearly half of the total world population? That shows how crucial the social media presence, and social media promotion, is for the business today.

social media promotionBut…

Social media management and promotions is not a straight forward job. In reality, it’s one of the toughest jobs for online businesses to come up with unique and effective social media marketing campaigns. Social media promotions require market study, dedication, and all the latest trends knowledge. Creating a social media page is easy but developing a promotion strategy is the real challenging work. 

It’s your lucky day!

You have us to help you in creating the best social media promotional strategy. We’ve gathered a list of the 15 must-try social media promotion ideas that will definitely engage your customers and followers. From using the lapel pins that make special gifts for your audience to developing entertaining video content, giveaways, and so much more. So, let’s get straight to the list without further ado.

#1 Collaboration

If you truly want to boost your social media, try collaborating with a few well-known brands. Ideally, the ones which have a good brand reputation.

#2 Logo

A good logo can create a significant difference in your brand image and brand promotion. It does not certainly imply that you have to stick to a single logo. Logos are what attract customers and, in turn, get you, followers.

#3 Post a customer review section

This can be done on Instagram as well as Facebook. All you need to do is customer reviews posting on your wall. This way, you’ll surely get more followers and be in the spotlight.

#4 Create short clips

These days, no one really likes to view long videos, especially ones which have been promoted by a brand. Try to keep your message short yet entertaining by creating mini clips of your product launch or event.

#5 Use polls

Polls are by far one of the best ways to understand your customer’s preferences and wants. By posting polls, you’ll be able to know what customers like to see and what they don’t. You can use this analysis to make your social media promotion strategy.

#6 Create trendy posts

Try to relate your posts with modern-day trends. Such trends could include a famous TV show, an event, and so on. For instance, the marketing rivalry between McDonald’s and burger king is very well known among its customers.

#7 Make live videos

A face to face interaction with your customers is a very convenient and efficient way to understand their preferences and thoughts. Therefore, try to make live videos on a weekly, if not daily, basis.

#8 Promote your posts

Promoting your posts is the best way to spread the word about your business. The more reach your post gets, the more audience will recognize your brand. 

#9 Get shout-outs

If you’ve just started a business, try asking your friends for a few shout-outs. This way, their friends and followers will know about your brand.

#10 Promote other brands

This may not seem like a viable way of promoting your own brand. However, it will still build your reputation, especially if you’ve tagged them for a good cause.

#11 Giveaways

Giving away a product that you just launched is a good way of getting some positive feedback. People active on social media can leave a good review and promote your business in the process.

#12 Hold contests

Winning a certain kind of product is considered to be quite entertaining among many social media users. You can also do it through games and quizzes and announce the winner at the end.

#13 Tag-a-friend

When people see posts that remind them of someone, they automatically tag that person. You can also make such posts by adding captions like ‘tag someone who’d eat this’ etc.

#14 Hire a celebrity

In order to promote your brand on a large scale, try to feature famous celebrities with your product. This creates a lot of attention.

#15 Create educational videos

Educational videos can be quite resourceful for many viewers. Moreover, such videos get a lot of reposts and likes as well.

Final words

These are some of the best social media promotion ideas that have shown an evident impact on online customers. We hope this post would help you to create a very impactful social media marketing strategy for your business growth.