6 tips for working with an outplacement service

With the coronavirus pandemic reshaping businesses worldwide, both small startups and large corporations have made the difficult decision to downsize. While often unavoidable, this decision can harm the overall business image.

Outplacement services help ease the transition for employees who find themselves back in the market for a job. Offering this service can help businesses care for their people and protect their brand image.

outplacement serviceHere are six tips for working with an outplacement service.

Look for custom solutions

Not all companies are built the same or require the same level of service. Look for an outplacement service that offers bespoke solutions for your business needs and custom package options that suit your budget.

Some common service options include:

  • One-on-one coaching
  • LinkedIn profile work
  • CV building
  • Interview preparation
  • Career assessments
  • Financial planning
  • Application planning

Keep in mind that while cost will be a factor, the value of the services offered should be the main focal point. Working with an outplacement service helps valued employees find their footing, reframe their job loss, and get back on track. Furthermore, this gracious offering helps maintain the brand’s reputation while reducing the chances of a wrongful termination suit.

Look for a structured approach

Look for an outplacement service provider who has a structured approach to working with companies. While the services may adjust to suit the company’s needs, the basic format should be clear. Additionally, the outplacement service provider should be transparent about their process— there’s no secret sauce here.

For example, CV Pilots Outplacement Services outlines their four-step action plan on their website. It details what each step involves, so that prospective clients know what to expect. This transparency builds trust and showcases its value.

Look for proven success

Don’t hesitate to ask for referrals and testimonials when vetting an outplacement service. Your prospective service provider should be able to showcase proven success in working with similar companies and helping employees during their transition.

In addition to reviews and testimonials, you can also look at other accolades, such as professional memberships and case studies. When choosing an outplacement service, you only have one shot at getting it right— do your due diligence.

Find a service that uses personality assessments

Many recruiters and coaches are using personality assessments to help their clients find the right role in the right career path. Tools like the Hogan assessment and Big Five test can help your employees become more self-aware and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Many potential employers will use these assessments to pre-screen candidates. Thus, it makes sense to work with an outplacement service that’s knowledgeable and practical regarding these tests.

Use a coaching-based model

Outplacement is about more than building a resume and applying for jobs. Losing one’s job can have detrimental impacts on their self-worth, sense of security, and finances.

Look for an outplacement service that subscribes to a coaching-based model. In other words, look for a service that will offer your former employees one-on-one coaching to help them process their situation, clarify their goals, and build the best possible future.

Many outplacement services will also offer continuous coaching beyond the scope of your package. Giving employees this opportunity to continue with the outplacement service after your offering is complete is a great way to add value.

Prioritize transparency and realistic expectations

Finally, look for a service that’s realistic rather than idealistic. The truth is that some employees will want a clean break and choose to go their own way. Some people won’t find placements during the time they work with an outplacement service. Look for a provider that acknowledges that there are no 100% guarantees and provides the real numbers.

Working with an outplacement service is an opportunity to make the best of a bad situation. Use these five tips to find the right provider for your business needs.