Tips to maintaining a beautiful home garden and landscape

A beautiful garden and landscape around your home is crucial to your property’s value and make your time outdoors even more enjoyable.

Since it is beneficial to have a well-maintained home garden and landscaping, it is prudent to understand how to care for your plants, grass, and trees in general. If you could be installing landscaping or a garden for the first time, critically think of the amount of time you will invest in caring for it.

home gardenHere are some ways of maintaining a good home garden landscape.


Ensure to cut your grass according to seasons carefully. For instance, never cut more than one-third of the height of your grass. It is advisable to set your mower to its highest setting possible. Research shows that taller grass usually cools the soil and encourages deep roots hence reducing grass. Mowing your grass too short makes the root growth slow down, making your grass susceptible to heat and drought. Moreover, ensure your mower is sharp since dull blades tear the grass rather than cutting it cleanly. Raking over your grass will help control and prevent mushrooms on your lawn especially when we have moist and humid conditions.

Using roll on grass can be an efficient, effective, and affordable way of adding a pristine lawn to your garden.

Weed control

Weeds snatch nutrients and water from your grass and other plants. Ensure you control the weeds by weeding early in the tear and consistently during the growing season. If the weeds dominate in the landscape, remove them with a weeding tool or hand. Wait until after watering or rainy season if you wish to uproot the established weeds to get a chance to get the whole plant. Keeping a beautiful garden requires that you get the services of commercial lawn care in Indianapolis.

Regularly use fertilizers

It is wise to add a light top dressing of compost or organic fertilizers in your garden. Fertilizers always improve the soil texture and increase root mass as well as surface area. It is advisable to top-dress your lawn during wet seasons when conditions allow. The best season to fertilize is spring since most plants begin more active growth. It is good to keep in mind that most nutrients, like nitrogen, encourage growth, and require more water. Moreover, consider skipping fertilizers for native plants since they are adapted to grow without supplement fertilizers. For non-native plants, especially a lucky plant, apply particular nutrients to keep them healthy in your soils.

Ensure proper pruning

Pruning usually stimulates growth, and hence plants require more water. It is good to prune your trees and shrubs in the winter season before the weather gets to be hot and dry. Ensure that you do not prune more than 25 percent of a plant at a time. It is more important not to prune too much before the onset of the hot summer months. Always leave low branches on trees so that the plant can provide shade for itself. Moreover, there could be dead branches to remove to redirect plant growth or to reshape the plant.

Water regularly

Finally, it is good to water your garden in good weather. You may reduce the wastage of water and increase the health of the plant at the same time. You can keep a good landscape through commercial lawn care in Indianapolis.