How to do a windows replacement like a pro

The main reason homeowners like to opt for windows replacement is not only to save money and time by hiring a pro. You can change your existing windows if you want a quieter home, the windows are worn out, less attractive, or you want more lighting in your home. New windows tend to be easier to clean compared to the old ones.

The replacement process is not challenging if you want to do it yourself. However, calling a professional to do it for you would make the process less tiring and less time-consuming. This will be possible if you can afford to pay the constructors. Here at WindowTech Windows and Doors, we have listed down steps you can follow if you want to carry out windows replacement like a pro. After all, it is a simple process if you understand the basics.

windows replacement like a proStep 1: Detach the old window

If your window pane is the only part that needs window replacement, you need to call a glazing contractor to return it for you. Detaching the old window should be the first step if you are getting rid of the entire window and you are installing a new one. You don’t need a new frame if the existing one is in good condition, meaning that you must take measurements of the existing frame to make sure the new window will fit well. Now use a crowbar to remove the window casing together with the trim and sill plate.

Step 2: Balance the window frame

All the dimensions of the frame should match the measurements of the new window. Ensure the headers and studs are in place and in good condition. If the frame measurements are not in line with those of the window, you can add some boards or remove some part of the siding. As you take measurements, ensure there are gaps on all sides. Gaps will allow you to make more adjustments and for insulation.

Step 3: Install the new window

After ensuring that the measurements are okay, you can now install the new window. When removing a section of the exterior siding, you need to use a felt wrap back up. If you don’t do so, the window will be letting moisture in, making the room cold.

To the exterior framing of the window, apply the window wrap all around. When installing the window wrap, start by doing so from the bottom towards the top. It is also advisable to install the window from the outside then push it up until you see it fit well in the frame. When it fits well, hold the window with a piece of wood to prevent falling and screw in the screws using a screwdriver to keep it in place.

Ensure the window is plumb and square by adjusting it until it is straight. Where there is a need for adjustments, maneuver the screws, and add shims to those areas. You can either use screws or nails to hold it to place permanently.

Step 4: Wrap the window

After ensuring that the replacement windows fit well and are secured, put a layer of window wrap on each window. Do that around the fins. Ensure you overlap the wrap to ensure all the surfaces are well covered. The wrap helps to keep moisture out, so it should be applied carefully. Ensure that it does not crinkle because it must remain straight to the window frame for it to work efficiently.

Step 5: Replace trim and casing and insulate

You insulate by adding a layer of expanding-foam sealant in the gaps that are usually between the casing and the replacement windows. To protect the surface, ensure you cover the window edges with painter’s tape. Check if the foam has dried and use a knife to scrap off the excess. Too much foam will make the window not work efficiently. After the foam dries, you can install a new interior casing or use the old one. If you feel that the old trim will not work well, replace it with a new one.

Now you are through with doing windows replacement like a pro, you can enjoy your comfy, energy efficient, and beautiful home. It just takes those simple steps to achieve that.