7 ways to use epoxy in crafts

Epoxy is an adhesive used for binding objects. However, the resin is suitable for more than just gluing stuff. Epoxy resin is also useful for DIY crafts.

In this article, we share seven ways you can use epoxy resin in crafts. Let’s get started!

epoxy tableWays to use epoxy in crafts

  • Epoxy paperweight
  • Coloured buttons
  • Photography art
  • Floral cubist art
  • Glow-in-the-dark table
  • Floral trays
  • Resin napkin rings

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Epoxy paperweight

Do you have stray papers dropping from your desk all the time? A paperweight made from epoxy could be what you need. To create this object, you’ll need a mould, dried flowers, and resin.

Fill the mould with the epoxy resin and then mix in the dried flowers with a toothpick. Leave the mixture to dry for 24 hours and extract the paperweight after curing.

Coloured buttons

You can add colour to your pillows, sweaters, and even clothes, by fitting them with coloured, epoxy-resin buttons. You’ll need a button-shaped mould, resin, hardener, and acrylic paint for this craft.

Mix the resin with acrylic paint of any colour and pour it into the mould. Let it dry for 24 hours before taking out the buttons.

Photography art

You can use epoxy resin to preserve photographs and place them in special locations. For example, you can line the bottom of your jewellery box with a cherished photograph, so you’ll see it each time you open the box.

If you want something like this, you’ll need epoxy resin, a photograph trimmed to size, and a heat gun. You’ll also need a mould, which would be the box in this case. Place the image inside the mould, then fill with resin until the entire surface is covered. Heat the resin using a heat gun and leave to cure.

Floral cubist art

Fancy being a cubist artist for a day? Then create some cubist art using epoxy resin and dried or artificial flowers. All you need is a square-shaped mould, a heat gun and dried foliage.

Remove pockets of air from the resin mixture by warming with a heat gun. Place flowers in mould and fill it with epoxy resin; allow it to cure for 24 hours before popping it from the mould. Reverse the process if you’re working with small flowers — pour the resin, insert the flower with a stick, and let dry.

Glow-in-the-dark table

Nothing is more attractive than a table that glows in the dark! You can create awesome glow designs for your table using epoxy resin. Materials you’ll need include: heat gun, chisels, resin, glow powder, pigment, and seal coat.

Warm resin with a heat gun to remove bubbles; mix resin with pigment powder and glow powder. Cut inlays into the wood and fill with resin mixture. Apply epoxy seal coat to the wooden surface to protect from chemical damage, scratches, etc. Allow to cure for 24 hours before use.

Floral trays

You can create better-looking tray designs by combining pressed flowers with clear epoxy resin. You’ll need some glue, pressed flowers, resin, a brush, and a tray (wood, ceramic, glass or porcelain).

Glue the flowers to the tray and let dry for some time. Pour resin over the flowers and use the brush to spread the resin. Allow to cure properly before using.

Resin napkin rings

Turn boring napkin rings into attractive, decorative items with resin. Mix resin and hardener in a 1:1 ratio and pour mixture into a decorative rubber mould. Remove the object from the mould before it dries, bend it over the ring, and then use hot glue to attach pieces. Leave aside to finish drying.

Thinking of taking your crafts game a notch higher? Epoxy is an affordable and easy-to-use glue with wide applications in arts and crafts. Try it today.