Why your business needs it’s own app

Almost everyone these days seems to have the world in the palm of their hand. We’re talking smartphones, here, and with the range of brands and types of phone out there right now, almost every mobile phone created is a smart one.

They are not a small part of our lives, with more and more people buying phones to have instant access to everything that they need. Most people who don’t own a laptop will own a smartphone and they’ll use it for everything from running their business to internet banking to online shopping, many of these will their own app.

should your business have their own appThe best thing about accessing banking and online shopping on smartphones is that they can be accessed in app form. Apps are updated and created by a bespoke software developer, and if your business owns a website, then your business needs an app. Whether your business is involved in selling products, trading or in online bookings (such as hotels), an app is going to be one piece of technology that’s vital to your success. You may have a website optimised to smartphones, but sometimes it’s just not enough!

An app can make a huge difference when it comes to converting those ever-important leads into sales. So, let’s take a look at all the reasons your business needs its own app!

You’ll expand your reach

People who don’t live locally to your business are going to be able to see your business and learn what it’s all about. You can expand your reach and give your current business wings, which will help you to earn even more customers. If people take note of your business online or on social media, and they then learn that you have an app, the mobile traffic you get will go up. Always advertise the fact that you have an app at the top of your mobile-optimised site: this way, people will see that there is an easy-to-download app ready and waiting. People spend over five hours per day on their mobile phone, and most of that time is spent on specific apps.

Promotion becomes more effective

It’s so much easier to promote discounts for your business when you have an app, and you can use your mobile app to boost your marketing for your business. There’s no better way to reach people than with an app, and your business will be seen by more of your potential and your existing customers – which creates an automatic marketing channel for your business without even trying. All your app has to do is exist, and your business will be promoted easily. You do have to work to increase the popularity of the app at the beginning, but with the right app developer working on your side, your app will be successful.

The app will earn you money

An app is an excellent way to drum up revenue. Not only can you use things like in-app advertising, you can add subscriptions and more to earn money. Most people use their app to bring about more business, but if you want to earn money from it, then create an app that has a lot of opportunities to earn more money. 

Customer loyalty increases

You want to ensure that your customers are loyal, and this is directly related to trust and communication. With an app, you can communicate with your customers at all times. You can chat with them instantly, have them sign up to an email list, add notifications and it’s one of the best ways that you can communicate with people. You can also use your apps to notify people of discounts and promotions that you have on offer. All of these things will keep your current customers loyal and this is important!

Your sales will grow

Sales growth is the goal for your business, and it’s why you have a website and social media. However, an app is going to add to that, and depending on how big your mobile audience is, you can increase your sales. While you don’t have control over whether a visitor leaves an empty basket on your website, but with your app, you can have a little more control over user behaviour. You can send reminders about abandoned carts and this can help you to convert leads into sales.

Easy payment methods

Almost everything these days has gone digital. Making payments easier for customers should be a priority for you, and people prefer not to carry cash as much. Your business app can be customised to include all of the new digital payment options out there. You can include digital wallets, credit and debit cards and even UPI.

Easy feedback

It helps your business if you give your customers a space in which to leave feedback about your service. With your website, it’s not easy to leave feedback as it’s not as clear to your customers about where to leave it. However, if you have a mobile app, you can allow people to give instant feedback, which – if you care about your customers enough – gives them the chance to leave a suggestion! This is an excellent way to build your customers’ happiness!

Show off a little

Your app is going to give your business the chance to show off. An app is the way you can showcase your products and services and it’s your place to stand centre stage and show off what you can do. With the right developer on your side, you can customise your app as you need to and show that you are a trustworthy company to work with. You have to convince your customers that making a sale with you is an excellent idea, and you don’t want them to have a chance to regret their choice.

Boosting your brand rep

When you have an app, you instantly boost the reputation of your brand. A mobile app allows you to raise awareness for your brand and gives you far more exposure than your website can ever give you. It’s the best way to enable you to create and improve awareness for your brand. It makes your business the first thing that your customers consider when they want to buy something.