Stainless steel: This is what makes Montanstahl products so competitive!

Montanstahl is a market-leading Swiss company for the production and marketing of special steel and stainless steel profiles.

The company’s strength lies in its constant investment in new, innovative production technologies, which enable it to offer a product that can be adapted to every need. However, Montanstahl can also boast a very wide range of stainless steel products of a high-quality standard, including commercial laminates and drawn stainless steel profiles. This is the key to his success!

Montanstahl stainless steelStandard products

Montanstahl is very focused on the quality of stainless steel angles and its profiles are a major competitor to the standard carbon steel profiles currently available on the market. In order to meet customers’ requirements, you can also consult and select a European, Asian, or American measurement of their products on the official website. Montanstahl naturally had to adapt to the internationalization of its business, but always tried to provide its customers with clear information. Among the various stainless steel products, we find corners, U-irons, beams, and T-profiles. Then there are the drawn profiles: angles, flat bars, half-round bars, and wedge. Most of these products are available from stock in the austenitic types 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 316Ti, and 303.

Art: Architecture and design

In addition to numerous standard and special profiles, Montanstahl dedicates an important number of sections to the building and architectural sector. The company offers curtain wall profiles and window profiles in particular. Montanstahl’s curtain wall profiles stand out on the market due to their laser welding: their strengths are the sharp edges and the hardly noticeable laser welding seams. Another advantage of laser welding is the possibility to perfectly calibrate the weld penetration. This makes it possible to extremely minimize the deformation of the profile and at the same time meet the static requirements of the façade.

Montanstahl window profiles, on the other hand, are characterized by their extraordinary design, which makes them truly unique. The idea of offering such a wide range of options stems from the desire to create something that can adapt to all climatic conditions of use and the suitability of the architectural context. The window profiles proposed by Montanstahl are therefore both cold and thermally broken.

Free consultation

It is not uncommon for Montanstahl to decide to manufacture customized products simply on the basis of a design proposed by the customer. The company is indeed known for its great ability to offer special profiles in addition to the many standard profiles. In order to encourage the customer to suggest an idea that can realize his project, Montanstahl offers free advice. To book it, simply go to the official website, where you will find a specially reserved area. The aim of the company is to create a product that is as faithful as possible to the original idea. Working with Montanstahl means benefiting from 35 years of work in the sector and proving that it is possible to choose between any type of shape and process.

If you’re looking for a reliable partner in the choice of the best stainless steel angles, Montanstahl is a perfect choice.


If you need inspiration or are simply passionately interested in the topic, you should not miss the Montanstahl blog. The precision of the information reflects their professionalism and the articles are of great interest to anyone who wants to learn more about them. In short, when it comes to steel and stainless steel, Montanstahl proves to be a leader every day!