Everything you need to know about charging an electric car at home

Many frugal drivers want to buy electric cars, but they are bit reluctant to do so.

The main reason behind this reluctance is the charging of electric cars. Most of us think it will be a hectic task to charge your electric car at home.

electric car at homeFortunately, it is not!

Charging cars at homes is easier than you think!

Here is our guide to charging the electric cars at home that will surely brighten up your life:

How to charge an electric car at home?

The very first thing that you need for charging electric cars at home is a home charging point near your car parking area or in your garage. Users can also use EVSE supply cable for a three-pin plug socket as an occasional backup.

You need a home charger that is a compact device that mounts to a wall with a socket for plugging in a portable charging cable. Usually, these chargers are weatherproof units. You can look for a charger that offers built-in safety features and fast charging options. We recommend you to take help from a specialised team for installing home charging points in your home.

Most importantly, there are two types of electric car connectors, either type 1 or type 2. You need to get a home charger that is compatible with your car connector.

With more workers investing in electric vehicles, Workplace EV Charging is becoming more and more common to allow employees to charge a work.

How fast can you charge an electric car at home?

Usually, we measure the charging speed for electric cars in kilowatts (KW). The average records show that home charging slots can change a car at 3.7kW or 7kW giving about 15-30 miles per charge.

You can limit the maximum charging speed by using your vehicle’s on-board charger. In case your car offers 3.6kW charging rate, using a 7kW charger with an EV charger installation will be safe for your car.

How to install an electric car charging point at home?

Electric car charging points need professional aid. They should be installed with the help of a skilled team. Certified and qualified charging experts usually charge for the installation of each unit. For further information, you can visit

This whole process of installation includes the wall mounting the charging point on an exterior wall, backyard or garage, close to where you park your electric car and connecting it safely to the main electricity supply.

Considering the individual requirements of the driver and the complexity of the installation, this installation process usually takes 3 hours for completion. You can access any professional team online and book them directly or find any in your area.

Most importantly, we recommend you to stay home during this installation process. You should talk with the team to make sure to mount the charger in the neatest and convenient location for you. In addition to that, you can ask them to help you with learning how to charge the car. Professional teams answer the queries happily and make sure you are satisfied.