How to find and recruit a senior executive?

Hiring the right senior executive is essential to reaching the goals of your company. He or she will take part in the creation of strategies and play a role in the direction of your firm in the future.

A strong executive will know how to teach and motivate the team as well. With that in mind, here are a few ideas on how to find and recruit the right senior executive.

recruit the right senior executiveThe ideal solution: A recruitment firm

Hiring the right senior executive is such an important part of your company’s future success that you should ideally call upon a recruitment firm to accompany you in the process. Of course, you need to find the right one, which can be a difficult process in itself. Keep in mind that the firm you choose should be able to provide you with candidates that fit your company’s vision and mentality. Their network should also enable them to bring you candidates from outside the local frontiers. Finally, make sure that they use the latest technology to find the best candidates possible. You can start your search by looking into executive recruitment with Morgan Philips.

Look at your competitors

Before choosing your next senior executive, go back to the drawing board and study your competition again, and the market you are part of. It will give you an idea of the package you will need to put together to offer to your potential candidates. You may also find someone that could be of interest to you, already working in your field. Again, if you work with a recruitment firm, they will be able to get that information for you much more easily than if you have to do the research by yourself.

Be patient

This may seem like strange advice, as you are trying to fill a hole inside the company. But by jumping to conclusion too early, you may hire the wrong candidate, and that would be extremely costly in the mid to long term. Finding and hiring a VP takes in average a little less than two months (about 55 days). If you are reading these lines and you are currently searching for one, this next advice won’t help you this time around: Keep a pipeline of potential candidates open at all time. That way, when you have to hire your next executive, you will already have a good idea of who you want and who could fill the seat.

Finding the right senior executive is not easy. Once you start, stay the course and don’t hesitate to ask for help.