Industrial packaging for the food sector, characteristics and potential: Paper packaging design for food and retail

The food sector is among those that, more than others, are growing, thanks in large part to the combining of new technologies and the possibility of selling on the internet. 

A method thanks to which it is certainly possible to stand out from the crowd and goes through the paper packaging design for food and retail industrial sectors, which also renders it a marketing tool.

industrial packaging Here, then, are all the features that modern industrial packaging for food should have, and which can also lead to improving the perception that the customer will have of the packaging.

Industrial packaging for food, the essential characteristics

Industrial food packaging is not the same as what can be found, and imagined, for other product categories.

In fact, they must guarantee to the consumer that the food they are buying, and that they will go on to consume, has not been modified, adulterated and that it is in excellent storage conditions.

The characteristics that industrial paper food packaging must have are certainly the following:

Product protection and conservation

A package will not only be an aesthetic element, but must allow food to be protected and prevent its chemical, physical and biological deterioration in various conditions.

Extension of product life

Another element will be linked to the duration of the product. A food product left unpacked would last much shorter than a well-preserved one. Here, then, the casing will also have this function.

For example, we often read on the packaging the words: “packaged in a protective atmosphere”. This means that the product will have been handled with maximum safety and that thanks to the packaging process it will also have been possible to reduce the chances of its premature deterioration.

Reduction of food waste

The division of food into portions, the forecast of the average quantity used by the consumer and the needs of those who buy the product are essential steps to even create a package that allows to reduce food waste.

Packaging for food, how to use them to sell

Industrial packaging for food is not only a means by which to transport and contain food, but it can also become a tool to sell more easily.

Just think of the goods that are often badly displayed, that do not have a well-defined brand and come in second place compared to those made by brands that have been able to invest in the “aesthetic” promotion of the product itself.

Thus, the packaging can become a means of creating a new identity for a product.

For example, it often happens that established companies decide to change the packaging of their food. This decision is not taken lightly, and is, instead, the result of a study that often lasts months and involves the public in a specific way.

In the event that, therefore, you want to start investing in the creation of food packages that also reach the promotional purpose, it will be essential to contact an agency that is able to follow the business reality from design to product market launch.