ROFX IPO grabbing top tier investor’s attention: Berkshire Hathaway reportedly interested

The Expert Advisor market is filled with different brands and software developers, all of which claim to be providing the best top tier services to their respective user bases. However, in reality, a lot of these EAs fail to live up to their promise, while others are uncovered as elaborate frauds. ROFX is the brand name of one of those EAs which stood out for its brilliant performance, commitment towards transparency, and level of customer service.

Founded in 2009, ROFX is an EA that has been operating for the last decade. Over the years it has been proven to be quite a reliable service of a robot trading for the forex market. The EA currently has a 50,000 strong active user base worldwide.  It has always had a strong track record of profit generation and has been committed to providing transparency. All of these have contributed towards ROFX’s favorable reputation in the market. Recently, if news sources are to be believed, the company is planning to go public, through an IPO in Q3 of 2021.


What caught Warren Buffet’s attention?

There are many reasons why ROFX’s upcoming IPO is one of the most anticipated events for investors in the coming year.  Much of it has to do with ROFX’s decade long experience in the market, which has led many to believe that the impending IPO will also be a success. However, because of Buffet’s interest in the company, ROFX is being increasingly mentioned by financial experts across multiple forums.  Apparently, Berkshire Hathaway which Warren Buffet heads is currently in talks for acquiring a major part of ROFX. According to the agreement’s terms, Berkshire Hathaway is expected to invest $500 million in Artificial Intelligence development, which will do wonders for the accuracy of ROFX’s trading results. This should not only prove how legitimate of a company ROFX is but also generate increased interest among interested investors.

Should one be excited about the ROFX IPO?

The clever thing to do for any investor before they embark upon selecting a company to invest in is to carefully examine the company’s fundamentals first. This is because these figures play a key role in helping to forecast how a company will perform in the future. For the purpose of assessing, we have compiled some of the best reasons one should invest in ROFX.

Software’s future potential

The future potential for ROFX seems pretty bright. It has already proven itself to be one of the most reliable and efficient sources of generating some passive income. In a post-Covid-19 world, experts expect people to be inclined towards companies such as ROFX, who can provide them with risk-free returns. Additionally, the detailed trading records provided by the company helps experts to form a positive forecast for the software.

Level of user-experience

ROFX guarantees an ultimate user experience, which is easier said than done. However, unlike many similar platforms where software downloads can be a daunting task, no such requirement is present in ROFX’s case.  The entire process is streamlined and can be completed within 5minutes.  Users simply have to visit the website, select the package, and subscribe to their desired package. The robot takes over the process from that point onwards, with all trading activities being autonomous in nature. Users do not need to manually intervene at any point, which is ideal for those who some passive income generation without having to spend a lot of time.

Type of technology

ROFX appears to be more of a technology company than a mere Expert Advisor provider.  This is apparent from the superior technology used by the platform which makes it stand out from the rest of its competitors. Perhaps the most standout feature of this EA is the AI learning ability which can update its database continuously to adapt to ever-changing market conditions. This decreases the chances of the user’s trading getting saturated as the robot adjusts itself by taking previous references from the market. A team of programmers and traders work behind the scenes to constantly update the robot with brand-new strategies that are back-tested.


The robot’s credibility can be assessed by simply going through their trading results. These trading results are published both on their official website, as well as on an authoritative public trading journal – The impressive results on further confirm the reliability of the robot. They also provide a profit calculator which can give you an estimate of how much you can earn.

Safety of Funds

ROFX ensures full protection of their client’s funds which means it is guarded even in the most adverse of market conditions. There are various money management and risk management techniques applied in the platform, ensuring client safety. Along with strict stop loss placements, the platform additionally provides security by using no leverage. ROFX also partners with brokerage firms that are regulated by appropriate regulatory institutions. All the losses generated by the robot are covered via their reserve fund, making ROFX one of the best options for passive income generation.


In a post-pandemic world, many experts expect businesses to flourish once again, with the opportunity for many new companies to make their mark on the market. As there is simply a lot of potentials for new companies to do well in the upcoming future, the prospects of ROFX look bright indeed. All the signs point towards ROFX being a major success. Thus, whether you are interested or not, you should at least check out this company and sign up for their services. Even if one is not interested in the IPO, ROFX presents an amazing opportunity for everyone to earn some passive income, allowing one’s personal budget to be sustainable. Unlike other EAs which are almost always shrouded in mystery, RoFX is committed to providing the maximum degree of transparency to their clients.