3 ways to avoid workplace parking accidents

Getting safely to work is always a concern for most people, it can sometimes be challenging based on the length of the commute. While getting safely to the office building is a concern, many don’t stop to think about the safety of their workplace parking area.

Many employers tend to neglect this too. However, safety in the parking lot is just as important as safety inside the building. An employer can be held liable if it can be proven that their workplace parking lot was not safe enough.

workplace parkingThe best way to avoid this is to put parking safety measures in place. Take a look at how you can do that.

1. Teach employees to be alert

You need to have a clear policy that defines acceptable and unacceptable behavior in the parking lot. Employees need to know that they must stay off devices when in the parking lot.

Make it clear that parking while on your phone or texting while walking through the parking lot is forbidden. Most accidents happen in the parking lot because people were not alert and many times this lack of alertness is due to being on a device. 

The safest place to walk in a parking lot is down the aisle this is especially true when a parking lot has HGV parking areas. Employees can stay safe simply by making sure they are more visible.

2. Get your signage right

Having the right signs everywhere can greatly influence the safety of workplace parking areas. In saying that it is important to remember to keep your signage text short.

This is because employees will have enough to deal with trying to park safely. The last thing they need is to be distracted by having to read a long sign. Make your signage text short and use images wherever you can.

3. Ensure proper lighting

One of the easiest ways for an accident to happen is through a lack of proper lighting in employee parking areas. One dim area can cause an accident between workers getting on and off shifts at night.

Your outside lighting needs to be high and powerful. Make sure that it is maintained often and can withstand even the most inclement weather

If the parking area has a ceiling then this can make it a bit more difficult to light because shadows fall easily. The best way to navigate around this is to make sure that all your entrances are well lit. This is because the contrast between the daylight outside and a shadowed indoor parking area can cause accidents.

Keep claims down

Keeping your employees safe ensures that you will not be held liable for accidents. If you fail to make every area of the property as safe as possible you will find that your insurance becomes strained due to excessive claims.

Always ensure that all employees are fully aware of their role in their safety. Make it clear that violations of these rules mean that the company cannot be held liable should there be an accident. After that, the only thing left to do is make your parking areas as safe as possible.