5 great ways to give your business a fresh new look

When you start your business, you spend time honing your logo, your brand and everything that relates to your business so that you can be seen.

Recognition is so important for a new brand and you wanted to stand out – we get it! It makes sense, then, that you want to give the business a fresh new look to stay relevant a few years in. Your business deserves as much recognition as the competition, and that recognition starts with unveiling a new look for 2021.

business new look clean freshWith this in mind, we’ve put together some of the best ways you can update your brand and give your business name a little bit of a spring clean. You should do whatever you can to remain relevant in these trying times, and we’ve got a few ways you can give your business that fresh start you’ve been looking for.

Clean house

Whether you have an office or a store, you need to call in the window cleaners. Windows take a battering from the weather and air pollution outside, so a whole new, clean look will give your store a boost. Retail stores often have a company come through every month to clean the windows, and in between, they can get pretty gunky! Increase how often you call in the window cleaners, and you will be shocked by the difference you’ll see!

Clear old merch

Your products are going to be refreshed over time, and there’s nothing worse for the reputation of your business than clutter from older products and merchandise dotted around. If it’s Christmas merchandise that’s left over, clear it away. Do the same after each holiday you have themed decor and products in the store. You have to get rid of the clutter and tidy away the clearance racks, too.


A new coat of paint – either outside or inside – can refresh the look of the business. Painting your shop or your office will instantly be transformative for the space and it’s worth the time and effort due to how much it makes customers feel. You should paint and redecorate based on how long it’s been since you last did it! If it’s been a few years, think about a new colour or look entirely.

Change your signage

You can get a professional laser cutter to help you to create a whole new sign for your business. This can then sit outside your property and impress those who walk past your store or office. It’s important to create a good impression, so why not choose to redo your signage and change the way your business is perceived entirely?

Go through & fix

If it’s broken, you fix it. Small business repairs need to be seen quickly, but if you want to make sure that your business has a brand new look, go through the whole area and make appointments with experts for the repairs to happen as soon as possible. You want to make sure that your business isn’t going to suffer as a result of broken guttering or fascia. Is there mould anywhere that requires repair? No matter what, any repairs in your business need to be seen fast!