How to scale your business post-COVID world

The businesses and the way we work and live have drastically changed after the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of companies had gone through and are still struggling financially. Some of them don’t know how to face the future after COVID-19 has ended.

It cannot be denied that surviving your business in a tough environment in the middle of a crisis is difficult. What’s good is that you can still find ways to ensure that your business will scale then grow healthily and efficiently in the future.

scale your business pandemicIn this post, we are going to discuss with you the do’s and don’ts when running a business amidst the pandemic. So, if you want to know more about how to scale your business, then keep reading and enjoy!

Put a little effort as a support for your team

A lot of companies are struggling to develop effective ways as a response to the global crisis. Let’s use Brian Chesky as an example. Chesky is the head of the popular company, Airbnb. Before he implements a new cost-cutting structure, he will consider whether or not it would be beneficial for his employees. This approach made him become more popular. The approach becomes the headlines of the media, wherein the reason is pretty obvious.

Take note that your clients will always remember the strategies you made as a response to the pandemic. Also, those business owners and company managers who mistreat their employees will have long-lasting and significant damage to their reputation.

The first tip we can give to you to ensure that your business is effectively running before the pandemic is to put an extra effort to give support to your employees. For instance, you can support your team by protecting their jobs. This is a very beneficial aspect in the future as it ensures a boost in your company reputation. Aside from that, your customers and staff will show loyalty to you.

Focus on value

The pandemic has given us enough time to develop strategies to give more value to our clients. A lot of buyers these days monitor how they spend. In connection to that, your company sales can take a big hit from this. If you will provide your customers with more value today, they will be your loyal customers and will make another purchase in the future.

Today is also the day to use the power of social media. The internet allows you to post engaging and relevant contents that can be accessed by your current and potential customers. Also, check your e-newsletter and assess whether it requires improvement or not. Some examples of valuable content are job openings, sales and discounts, discussion starters, tips and tricks, and the latest news about the industry.

You might be asking how your customers will receive value. Well, you may consider sending them with paper or e-book and encourage them to engage in a webinar. Those are just two of the most inexpensive ways to afford value to your audience. One of the important marketing principles to boost your company sales is to give your customers value before encouraging them to place an order.

Be more effective when communicating with your staff and customers

The only constant thing in this world is change. The pandemic encourages companies and businesses to transform their communication with employees and clients. Make sure that your intentions are pure when communicating with other individuals.

Before you speak, assess the message and how your receiver will take it. If you are not sure whether the way you speak is casual and adaptable, you can ask a friend for feedback. Make sure that the way you communicate does give light and hope to the receivers amidst the pandemic.

When talking to other individuals, make sure to use transparent wordings that give positivity and hope to your receivers without disregarding the real condition of the world.

Avoid disaster capitalism

An activist and author Naomi Klein is the first person who coined and used the term ‘disaster capitalism.’ This is an expression that refers to how the business takes advantage of the time of crisis. Capitalizing the disaster is not equal to ethically growing your company.

Unethical behaviors of companies that are capitalizing on the disaster include price gouging and stockpiling. This is the way they inflate the SRP of the hard-to-get or important products or items. Price gouging and stockpiling can boost the sales of your company. But you need to endure its long-standing consequences.

Use the online world

This tip works in some businesses. If you are managing an e-commerce firm or software company, you have used to operate your business and perform most operations online. But, if you used to do all the business operations in the physical world, this is the right time to consider moving your business and company online.

If you are a retailer, just think of this move as a way of expanding or setting up an e-commerce arm. If you are a fitness instructor or a gym owner, you may turn into an online tutor. Despite the type of your business, when you scale into the online world gives you a lot of benefits.

When you use the online world in performing all the business operations, you can ensure an increased number in cash flow. This is an effective way to gain more sales without putting yourself and other people at risk. You should use a perfect approach when you decide to invest in Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing.


Aside from the ways we mentioned above, you may also consider migrating from Quickbooks to ERP. This is an ideal step for starting businesses.

If you are still struggling in creating effective ways to surpass the problems brought by the pandemic, why not try the tips we listed above? Each tip is effective when it comes to scale your business in the middle and after the pandemic.