How to find the right designers for your business

Design matters more than ever. It has reached the point where professional design is taken as a key indicator for service or product quality. 

Most small business owners understand their customers better than marketing specialists. However, they still need their brand to be designed to a high standard to be credible and finding the right designers for your business should be a priority.

right designers for businessGetting good design may be a challenge for small businesses. The ones who master it experience growth and an effective design has great benefits in persuading new customers to their existing customer base.

For example, if you are thinking of starting your own casino business you need to think of giving the best design to highlight a high level of service and product quality. Considerations like having fun games are quite obvious, however what about offering fast casino withdrawals? Players are not only looking for games that they can enjoy but also games they can win with, then get their money fast. There is nothing worse than getting a big win then being unable to access the winnings until a week later!

So, when looking for the right designers for your business, what do you need to look for?

The three challenges for finding the right designers

Today’s entrepreneurs face three challenges when it involves building an excellent image using design. The first is finding the proper talent, the second is managing the design process and the third is sticking to limited budgets.

Coordinating specialised designers and managing the creative process are some things most entrepreneurs can’t do with an inexpensive time expenditure. You are usually faced with a choice, do you outsource or, do you hire a design agency?

Finding the right talent

As a business owner finding employees can be fairly straight forward. You place an ad on one of the big recruitment sites and soon you will be flooded with applications. Wading through this flood is the tricky part. Someone may have an incredible resume. They may even have an amazing interview. Then when they start working you realise they may have inflated their abilities.

The same problem can occur with searching for the right designers. As a business owner outsourcing your design may be your first thought to save a bit of money, but you need to be wary. There are enough freelancers out there that are willing to take your money and run. Employing a design agency is a safer bet. They would have a portfolio of work, and other businesses would have used their services before.

Managing the process

Running a business is tough, managing creatives can be part of the job you do not need. Outsourcing to freelancers could the answer, however finding the right designers you need at that moment can take a lot of time and effort you do not have. Then, managing the creative process can take even more time and effort. Especially if you are hoping that different freelancers are able to collaborate on the same project.

With a design agency the management of the process comes as part of the package. Communicating to designers what you envision can be difficult. Using the buffer of an account manager to explain your ideas and potential changes is the perfect way to make sure you get the best service. Not everyone is good at communicating, so using someone to liaise between designers and client is the right thing to do.

Sticking to budgets

This is where things become difficult. By using a design agency you are more likely to find a safe pair of hands to trust your design. However, costs can soon spiral out of control. Every minute in the design process is tracked and charged at a premium.

If you find the right freelance designers, the cost is usually much less. You are more likely to get more for your money, they may be hoping that providing an excellent service and product will ensure they have a regular client in the future. As a business owner, if you are willing to spend the time and effort it takes to find the right designers, then manage the process you could save money in the long run.


Solutions like outsourcing to freelancers, have been become popular in recent years. However, the fact remains that it is difficult to beat the brand design quality produced by a team of full time creatives within a specialised design agency.

You can use a design agency that offers both expertise in the digital world and able to provide a brilliant design aesthetic is one is suited to a small business. The right designers for your business are creatives that can do both, providing an all encompassing service.