Using wood slats on the wall to decorate a kids nursery

Wood slats on the wall are a great addition to your porch or patio. Slats come in different widths for various purposes.

The first purpose is to provide insulation to help keep your home cooler in the summer months. Wood slats also provide a natural deterrent for termites, helping to keep them from entering your walls.

wood slats in roomYou can buy 2″ (or 1/2-inch) wide plywood slats to frame your DIY tree mural. If you use two-inch slat frames, you should still have 4 feet of free space between the top of your wall to the bottom of your seat when it’s closed. If you use one inch slats, there should be about two feet of free space between your wall and the floor of your room. Wood slat designs offer several advantages to wood over other materials, including the ability to create designs with the wood grain, and the fact that it is extremely durable and easy to clean.

Wood slats on wall offer many design options to help you create a whimsical forest wall mural that accents your nursery room. You can paint your wood slats a variety of colors so they match your existing decor beautifully. For example, if you have an earth toned color scheme, painted wood slats on the wall in basic grays, blacks, and browns will look wonderful. You can even find nurseries that sell coordinating painted wood slats on the wall as part of their Nursery Decor collection. You can also find coordinating chalkboard paper and pencils in many fun colors that can be painted into the wood slats to give them a whimsical appearance.

Adding a wall accent to your wood slats on the wall is very easy, since you can use double sided tape for a cute and cuddly border effect. Alternatively, you can choose a contrasting paint color, such as a deep teal or soft pink for your accents, and then pair that with either a light gray crib skirt or a gray lily z design view full size bed. You can create a whimsical forest wall mural for your nursery room with these easy to use accessories.

Gray nurseries are a popular choice for a whimsical design and they’re perfect for a Gray view full size crib or toddler bed. These accent accessories are great because they can be painted with your child’s favorite color schemes. They can also coordinate to the other items in the nursery. If you purchase one of these slates with a clear window, it will serve as the perfect accent piece to a gray nursery. The unique design of these slates allows you to create a tree mural in the nursery by painting a scene outside the house on the inside of the slate.

You can also purchase these interiors view full size slates in a variety of bold colors, including metallic gold, teal, and soft pink. Another great thing about these slabs is that you can paint them yourself if you like. You can even use paints with faux paint accents on them for a more authentic look. Some of these interiorsview slates even have an additional feature on the back that allows you to drill a hole through the middle of it. This allows you to hang an existing cradle or a baby tub from this wood wall mural.

A gray wall stencil is a wonderful way to incorporate two designs into one wall without using two separate pieces of art. The veneer designs view full size slabs have solid gray slabs with a raised black border. To make a small gray border larger, add more gray slabs on either side of a thin black border. When hanging these slabs, make sure they are mounted directly above an existing accent wall. If not, move the mural over to a different location.

If you want a more elaborate scene, think about putting a full size bed inside the mural. Purchase bedding and a quilt that match the colors of your boy’s nursery. Cut out images from a child’s book or from memory foam blocks and place them along the bed. Drape the rest of the trim with paperboard ferns. Your boy’s nursery will definitely be the talk of your neighborhood when visitors come to visit! Give your boy’s room to grow with a kid’s bedroom mural as soon as possible.