Staying safe in the warehouse

Working in a warehouse can allow you a lot of flexibility, especially if you want a job with hours that allow you to work around your partner’s job and childcare needs.

In addition to this, you may actually prefer working during unsociable hours, such as at night, to having to attend employment during the day. It can also be a good option for those who are continuing their education, but still wish to earn money outside of their classes. So, working in a warehouse may be for you, however, you will still want to stay safe in this work environment.

staying safe in the warehouseEven though there is a pandemic, you may still be required to go to work, because people still need their essential items. This can be even more important if your work involves packing food or PPE, both of which people need right now.

Covering up

It may become part of your company’s policy that face coverings should be worn at all times. Companies can provide Safety Stock branded snoods which will cover your mouth and nose to keep you safe, as well as warm in the often-cold warehouse. Covering your mouth and nose means that, should you cough or sneeze, bacteria does not become airborne, and potentially able to infect others. At a time where COVID is prevalent in so many countries across the world, it is more important than ever to make sure that people are reducing their likelihood of spreading germs.

Staying clean

Keeping yourself clean when working in a warehouse can also be incredibly important. A simple change, such as wearing disposable gloves when handling goods, can help minimise the chance of bacteria being passed onto food and packaging.

In addition to this, increasing the number of times that you wash your hands each day can also have an impact on your level of hygiene. If, at any point, you touch your face, mouth, or even blow your nose, you should immediately go and wash your hands. While germs are not visible to the naked eye, they will still be present.

This also means that cleaning your workspace, as well as door handles and shared equipment, is also vital to maintaining health, as it would be far too easy for germs to spread on these surfaces.

Overall health

Your overall health can also have an effect on your ability to work, as well as your chances of contracting illnesses, including COVID. Eating a balanced diet, partaking in at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, and making time for self-care, can all help to boost your mental and physical health. In doing so, you will also be boosting your immune system, which is crucial to preventing illness, and fighting any illnesses that you do contract.

If you have any severe illnesses or long-term conditions, it may be beneficial to speak to your employer and find out what other precautionary measures can be put into place.

While warehouse work can be challenging, problems with the pandemic can make these challenges feel even harder. By considering the working environments and needs of the team, in relation to health and safety, you can still fulfil your role without increasing your risk of exposure to illness.