Is shipping your luggage before your business trip worth it?

Most business trips are still short and a carry-on bag is sufficient, but longer business trips to Asia and the US are increasing and require more than a hand-bag.

The comfort of a longer business trip has a lot to do with being able to bring with you the belongings you need and what you need is normally above the luggage allowance of most airlines. This is where shipping your luggage ahead of time may be a solution.

shipping luggageShipping luggage is not a new concept, it’s a service many regular travelers have been forced to use after too much shopping on their return flight but there are many benefits of having your luggage delivered before your trip.

The reason why travelers in general prefer to take the luggage with us on the plane, despite having to face the ever-changing baggage policies of airlines, is because we are used to it. Most travellers don’t know enough about the service of shipping beforehand.  Bringing our bags with us on the plane seems more convenient, practical, and economical. We are already used to checking in our bags with the airlines but as baggage allowance is becoming more restricted, both regular and business travelers need to find alternatives.

Shipping your luggage ahead of time directly to your destination sounds like the perfect solution for business travellers going on longer trips but is it really worth it? Well, that’s the question we aim to answer in this article. By analyzing the pros and cons of luggage shipping versus checking it with the airline, we’re hoping to make traveling a lot more comfortable and smooth.

The financial point of view

Before considering any other aspect that could make the difference between baggage shipping and checking it in with the airline, let’s start with what matters the most – costs. Nowadays, most airlines charge you for checking in a bag. Furthermore, smaller companies started to add fees for carry-on bags as well, and since these rules tend to be very dynamic, you could look at some hefty penalties if you don’t plan everything perfectly. Not to mention that the fees for checked-in baggage aren’t exactly low, no matter if we’re talking about big airlines or low-cost ones. You may end up paying more for luggage than your plane ticket, and that doesn’t make any sense.

If you choose to ship your luggage beforehand, you could significantly reduce the price tag for the entire process. Especially if you do it in advance, you could look at savings of up to 50% compared to airline fees. Another major financial advantage of having your luggage delivered comes from not having to worry about added fees. The price quotation you get after you complete the booking process, packing, and handing the baggage to the bellboy is the final price.  You can request a quote anytime you want by visiting and going through the intuitive booking process.

Added convenience of luggage shipping

Now that the financial situation is out of the way, it’s time to look at the differences between the two ways of handling your baggage when you travel in terms of convenience and keeping stress away. We’re sure you’re already familiar with the long queues for baggage drop-off. Not to mention those awful moments when your luggage is 1 kg over the weight limit, and you need to switch a few things around with your partner or friends to fix the situation. Since everything happens at the counter, there’s a lot of pressure, and the stress levels go sky-high.

Shipping your baggage will help you forget all about queues and the anxiety of the drop-off counter. Sure, this service also comes with weight limits and regulations. However, you have the ‘luxury’ to prepare your luggage in advance. And even if weight irregularities are spotted when the bellboy comes to pick up your bag, you are still at home and can easily sort things out without the entire airport watching. Furthermore, shipping your baggage makes the trip to the airport a lot less complicated. Instead of worrying if all the bags will fit in one car or taxi, you just have your carry-on luggage with you and even a bus to the airport sounds like a good idea. Not to mention that you’ll no longer waste time upon arrival waiting for your luggage to show up on the belt.

Baggage safety and damage

Let’s assume there’s not such a big difference between the price of checking-in your luggage vs. shipping it, and you’re a master at making sure it’s the proper weight and size. Another aspect to consider should make all travelers give shipping a try: lost or damaged baggage. Airports are truly impressive when it comes to luggage handling, and there’s an intricate system in place to make sure everything ends up where it is supposed to. However, even the best systems can misfire, and the prospect of starting your holiday without all the stuff in your checked-in baggage is something that can keep any traveler awake. Even if your bag doesn’t get lost in the maze of conveyor belts and tunnels at airports, the speed needed to make the luggage transfer can result in serious damage to your belongings.

Once more, choosing to ship your baggage can spare you of all that trouble. First of all, luggage delivery companies work with a much smaller volume than airports, so there’s no risk of your belongings getting lost in the process. Also, since it’s one of their main selling points, luggage delivery companies guarantee that your luggage is handled appropriately to avoid any damage.

In the end, the most important point is that you feel safe and comfortable during a trip. We’ve merely pointed out a few of the usual luggage-related inconveniences that can be solved by shipping your luggage instead of checking-in. In the end, it’s a personal decision, and it’s up to you to weigh the pros and cons. Hoping that the information you found here was useful, we wish you safe travels in 2021!