Fulvic acid – A new supplement conquering the wellness scene?

The wellness industry has grown tremendously over the past few years, with more and more substances that could have beneficial properties on our health and overall wellbeing.

One of these substances is fulvic acid, a supplement that shows a range of health benefits, including boosting immunity, protecting your brain, and lowering inflammation levels. 

fulic acid supplementBelow, we are going to take a look at what fulvic acid is and how it can help your brain and body overcome challenges. 

So, without further ado…

What exactly is fulvic acid?

Fulvic acid does not sound very appealing in definition, but its potential health benefits are worth overcoming the reluctance to try it. It is a substance that occurs naturally in soils and compost, which is why it falls into the category of humic substances. 

Fulvic acid is produced when decomposition and other biological reactions happen, such as, for example, the breakdown of food for compost. It is usually extracted from soils and compost and is then processed into a supplement. 

Fulvic acid is also found in shilajit, a substance certain mountain rocks secret at high altitudes. Shilajit is often used in therapeutic medicine, including Ayurvedic medicine, for treating conditions such as asthma, digestive disorders, and diabetes.

Health benefits of fulvic acid

Research over the potential health benefits of fulvic acid is still ongoing, but experts have uncovered a range of positive effects it can have on an individual’s health, including:

Reduces inflammation and boosts immunity

These are the two main focuses when it comes to research on fulvic acid, and the results have been amazing. Studies on animals suggest fulvic acid can increase immune defenses, improve resistance to certain bacteria and diseases, fight inflammation, and greatly boost antioxidant activity. All of these factors can contribute to better, stronger immune health.

Protects and promotes brain function

Improving brain function has been another benefit research suggests fulvic acid can have. By reducing swelling and decreasing pressure in the brain, fulvic acid can help promote recovery after traumatic brain injuries. What’s more, further research suggests it can also interfere with certain factors that accelerate brain conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease. When compared to a placebo group, it was revealed taking fulvic acid supplements can help stabilize brain function for those suffering from Alzheimer’s. 

Improves muscle strength

A study in 60 adults suffering from obesity revealed taking fulvic acid helps improve muscle strength, while a similar study using the same amount of fulvic acid on 63 active men showed very similar results. 

Are there any side effects?

Just as with any new miraculous supplement on the market, people want to know if what they use can affect their health in a negative way. Up until now, studies show that a moderate intake of fulvic acid has no health-threatening effects.

Pay attention to the quality of the product, as well as manufacturers, and make sure you know what your product contains. Read the labels, research the ingredients, and only purchase supplements from reputable brands. Make sure to discuss with your doctor, to ensure the substance does not react with certain medication you might be taking.