7 clever ways brands use live streaming videos

Live streaming technology graced the social media scene only in 2016 but these videos have grown to become a major part of online marketing.

Today, leading platforms Instagram and Facebook have capitalized on live streaming videos, and the industry is projected to be worth $184 billion by 2027. Even better, it doesn’t require a lot of resources to arrange. Provided you get your social media feed WordPress spot on, you can pull it off.

live streaming videosIt today represents an opportunity for businesses to create their own live shows for showcasing their brands. The marketing segment is still new and uses the evergreen technology of videos. That’s because it offers unprecedented levels of interaction and engagement. Most companies have already taken up live streaming in the hope of getting ahead of their competitors. In this post, we tell you simple ways of using live streaming for your business. Read on to learn more.

Live interviews

One way to create a buzz around your brand and attract users to your website and social media accounts is to hold live interviews. You just need to ensure that you promote the live event well in advance and choose a big name that’s in your industry. If you want to interview Instagram Live, it’s critical to find a top Instagram feeds WordPress application.

The direct benefit that this will bring to your business is that it boosts live interaction. You can enhance this live event by the questions that your audience members ask during the show.

Live Q&A

This kind of live broadcast enables your viewers to ask you anything relating to your field. The beauty of this stream is that it doesn’t require a lot of resources to set up. You only need a camera, a small studio, and ensure that the host is experienced. Your company’s top official, for instance, a CEO, or someone knowledgeable enough, can grace the occasion. Avoid bringing aggressive or boring guests. Another good thing about a Live Q&A session is that it works perfectly for any brand.

The business benefits that you get from this kind of live stream include:

  • It’s an effective technique of generating leads.
  • It boosts engagement.
  • Live Q&A helps brands to create greater connections with their audiences.
  • It helps to sell, entertain, and educate.
  • It’s an excellent way for sharing your expertise or knowledge on a subject.

Live product promotions or tutorials

One of the most powerful promotional techniques is to record a product demo. This kind of technique works best for seasonal product launches, and may also be used for exclusive deals and product specials.

The benefits of this type of live broadcast are many. They include the following:

Organizing live streaming is easy. Also, showing customers live footage of a product being used will increase the traffic to the other goods and services you offer.

It also increases sales conversions. You will find that including a special offer in the live event is surprisingly easy. Viewers can watch and even respond emotionally right away.

Live streaming offers reusable video material. The recording can even be posted on your social media accounts. It enables even more people to view it and subscribe. Moreover, with services like Mux (, you can enhance the streaming experience and optimize video delivery for an even larger number of viewers, potentially leading to more subscribers and engagement.

Live product launch

The beauty of conducting product launches using live streaming is that it can streamline sales right away. It’s been used to great effect by so many top brands. Some of these include Apple, Google, and Honda. Apart from attracting the attention of people to your event, the product, and the brand, it also converts buyers like crazy.

The benefits of this technique include:

  • You can tune it into other marketing formats like brand awareness, product memo, or flash sales.
  • The video content can be repurposed further.
  • It taps into the capability of real-time video to boost viewer engagement.

Live product showcase

Showcasing a live service or product demonstration is one of the best techniques for boosting sales. A live demonstration of a new service or product depicts it most colorfully. In effect, it primes customers to purchase it.

The business benefits for this technique include:

  • It’s easy to complete as it requires only one shoot to accomplish.
  • It boosts conversion, which will improve product sales. 
  • You can supplement this method with product trials, giveaways, and brand announcements.

Live stream an offline event

Despite having been invented in 2016, live streaming marketing is yet to be fully utilized, more so in the field of symposia and physical conferences. This can be attributed to the fact that the niche tends to turn around sales of tickets by marketing to its online users.

The business benefits for this strategy include:

  • It has the power to transfer a physical function to a virtual setting or location.
  • The strategy enables you to monetize demographics that you didn’t cover previously.
  • It creates buzz and excitement around an event.
  • It can grow your community due to the interactions, shares, and comments on social media. 

Influencer takeover

This is a tried-and-tested strategy for marketing that has stood the test of time. But a creative idea can change the way people perceive your brand completely. Today, a new perception of influencer marketing has proved that it can draw spectator crowds in their droves as well as give your brand outstanding media attention.

The business benefits for the strategy include:

  • It enables brands to save resources as they only need to hire an influencer for the whole job.
  • Users can engage with a real person and not merely a brand.
  • Improved live stream due to the subscribers of the influencer.
  • Influencers will benefit from the cooperation as they also stand to gain more subscribers and viewers.


They say that the full potential of live streaming videos is yet to be realized. Live streaming offers countless opportunities for all types of businesses. Moreover, there are many ways that you can make your brand and yourself be heard in the market through the clever use of live streaming. Some of them include product demos, interviews, influencer live streams, offline events, and competition broadcasts, to mention but a few.