Top sub-niches of the most popular niches that will earn you a lot of YouTube views

YouTube is a huge platform that receives 2 billion users every month. Moreover, right now that are more than 31 million active channels that compete for the users’ attention. Therefore, every new channel needs to find something original that will make it stand out from their competition and earn him the subscribers it needs for success.

One great idea is to pick a niche and then find less competitive sub-niches on YouTube. When you find your topic, you can visit Stormviews to buy YouTube likes and bring attention to your content.

Youtube sub-nichesIn this article, we have picked some interesting sub-niches that you can explore when trying to find your YouTube channel’s topic.

Cooking niche

#1 Barista channel

Nowadays, there are numerous cooking channels on YouTube. However, the competition is fierce as this niche is a timeless one. If you want to stand out, you need to find a more specific topic that many users will enjoy. Coffee is an interesting sub-niche that gives you plenty of opportunities to attract a wide audience. Therefore, hone your barista skills and establish a fun channel.

#2 Outdoor cooking

Another interesting sub-niche with potential is outdoor cooking. The majority of the channels nowadays focus on different cuisines and recipes. You could take your channel to another level and explore how to prepare delicious dishes in nature. This will be very helpful for users who enjoy the outdoors and camping in general.

#3 Cake baking

One more topic that you can explore in the cooking niche is cake baking. There are already some channels that focus on cake baking and decoration, so you can find plenty of inspiration. However, you need to make sure that you create impressive cakes as you will already face a lot of competition. One easy way to stand out is to buy YouTube likes from Stormviews to boost your content’s engagement.

#4 Healthy recipes

The cooking is very broad and so, you can find plenty of unique ideas to build a successful channel. One of these ideas is to create healthy recipes for the whole family. Especially now that people are more interested in eating organic food, you have the potential to get a lot of subscribers.

#5 Pastry making

One last sub-niche that you can adopt for your YouTube channel is pastry making. For this particular topic, you must learn how to make bread, pastry dough, and find interesting recipes for pies and cakes. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your doughs and try out recipes from all around the world.

Gaming niche

#1 How to build a gaming PC

Gaming is the most popular niche on YouTube and one of the most competitive ones. However, it still has the potential to get you a huge number of subscribers. First of all, you can establish your channel where you help users create their own gaming PC. For this sub-niche, you will need to analyze and review the hardware and create how-to guides on how to install them.

#2 Virtual reality gaming

Virtual reality is a relatively new technology that many users haven’t had the chance to try it out. Therefore, a channel that focuses on VR games has the potential to get a lot of attention within the gaming niche. When you create such a channel, make sure to buy YouTube likes from Stormviews to let your content reach a wide audience.

#3 Roblox gameplay

If you are looking for a specific game that has a large community that will follow your channel, then you don’t need to look any further than Roblox. There are already a lot of YouTube channels that focus on this game. However, there is still room for great channels within this sub-niche.

#4 iOS and Android games

Many users nowadays prefer to play games on their iOS and Android devices. Therefore, you can create a channel that focuses on them and lets them explore games for these devices. For this channel, you can upload gameplay videos, game reviews, and lists. In any way, you can help your videos by visiting Stormviews to buy YouTube likes.

#5 Indie games

Indie games have always been a great sub-niche among the many gaming YouTube channels. The category is so broad that you can still find something that will attract a lot of users. Pick a specific genre of games and start posting gameplay videos for your viewers’ entertainment.

Fashion niche

#1 Fashion for men

Beauty and fashion are two niches that are heavily saturated on YouTube, so if perfect for looking at sub-niches. This means that the biggest channels have gathered all of the users interested in these topics and there is no room for new channels. However, fashion for men is a new and emerging sub-niche that can benefit you. For this topic, you can post any type of fashion and styling video that you want.

#2 Dress making

One more sub-niche in this category is dress making. This topic is very creative and requires a lot of skill, effort, and imagination. Nevertheless, the results are going to impress you as more and more users are looking for ways to create their own clothing. No matter what you do, make sure that visit Stormviews to buy YouTube likes to help your content reach more users.

#3 Organic clothing

Another thing that many users seem to value lately is sustainable and organic clothing. For this reason, you can seek out brands and shops that offer this type of clothing and provide styling tips. This is a great way of promoting a sustainable lifestyle to more users.

#4 Styling from different countries

Fashion is different in every country. This way, you can research and create looks that follow different rules and trends. For this channel, you will discover interesting things, while you will also get a lot of subscribers.

#5 Haute couture

Lastly, you can also dedicate your YouTube channel to haute couture. Even though this is a timeless category, there aren’t a lot of channels dedicated to it. For this reason, you can expand on this topic and attract people interested in luxury products.

As you can see, there are a lot of original sub-niches that guarantee you success on YouTube. No matter what your topic is though, you still need to buy YouTube likes from Stormviews to boost your content and encourage engagement.