Unexpected sources of income for SMBs

Small and midsize businesses are usually divided by the number of employees and annual income. Small businesses are those, that have up to 100 employees and an income of around $50 million dollars, and the companies that posses up to 1000 employees with a total income of more than $50 million dollars and up to $1 billion dollars are considered midsize.

When it comes to conducting a business of any size, a clear understanding of your sources of income from is crucial. Sometimes the orientation that you set for your company and the clients, that you reach out to, are not enough to run a business, so entrepreneurs start looking for some additional sources of income.

sources of incomeSome of these sources of income may be pretty unexpected, but worthy.

1. Lottery

Would you ever think of it as of a serious option for your company’s income? Probably, no. Well, it may sound as a joke, but a lottery is something that can bring you a good amount of money without a lot of effort and time spent on earning them.

There are many lotteries out there in every country of the world, so you are free to choose the one f lotteries listed on LottoAsian. In order to increase your chances of winning you may also use some techniques that frequent lottery players stick to. Among some of them are: buying as much tickets as you can afford; sharing the prize among those, who you decide to buy the tickets with; picking hot and cold numbers, where the hot numbers are those that have been chosen the most along the history of lottery wins and cold ones are those that have been picked the least.

2. Gambling

Another unexpected way to earn income is gambling. Sport betting websites, online casinos, horse and dog races and many more types of gambling are just other ways to earn money fast. The chances of your winning here depend not on your luck only, but also on how good you are in one or another kind of gambling you do. If it’s sport betting, you should be aware of how the teams play and they are capable of. You should be able to determine pretty precisely the chances of each team to win.

If you are looking for easy chances to earn money for your company, consider online slots as one of those. You can ask your friends and family for help, if they know a lot about the sport you want to gamble on. Talking about online casinos, you may feel free to play alone and try your luck. But you might need a good VPN for accessing those sites from countries where this industry is regulated.

3. Angels

Angels are those people, who used to have their own businesses, but are now retired or those, who are wealthy enough to invest in other people’s companies and their development. Apart from allocating funds, these people may also share their knowledge and ideas on how you could develop your business. They may also share a bunch of useful contacts and acquaintances that you may need to turn to throughout your career.

Well, these people mostly invest in businesses at their early stages and the amount of money varies from $25-100k, which is more suitable for small businesses, rather than midsize businesses. Angels are those, who can’t be found easily, since they like to keep a low profile. So, while looking for your Angel, you have to search for websites or associations that specialize on such connections.

What’s more, in order to secure the right fund management, Angels reserve the right to monitor the way how the business is being conducted and where the investments are sent to.

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