How big is the online gambling industry in Norway?

Even though gambling is restricted in Norway, residents can still make use of online gambling casino sites like Casino Norge. However, if you manage to bypass the restriction in Norway, it’s important to keep in mind that there won’t be any organization backing you up in case of any issue. So, when it comes to how big the online gambling industry in Norway is?

For the fact that there’s no other option for Norwegians to gamble rather than making use of online gambling. Gambling online has gotten quite popular in Norway as residents utilize this option to play their favorite casino games. Although to gamble online as a Norwegian, it’s necessary to make use of a certified and regulated gambling company. 

Norway is a country that is strict about the rules of gambling responsible. Government regulation regulates the gambling of real money to prevent addiction or other gambling issues. According to our superior Alexandra Nereng here, who’s an expert in guest post topics, the Norway law about gambling is very strict and needs a change.

Norway gambling laws

Norway gambling laws restrict gamblers from gambling with real money. However, people can gamble without utilizing real money in private. In 2010, the government also passed a law restricting governments from processing gambling-related funds. This has been like a stone hitting gamblers in Norway because it’s impossible to deposit funds on online gambling sites.

Although, people can make use of eWallet, which is a tool for transacting with gambling companies. These eWallets allow users to deposit from their local bank accounts before funding their online gambling account. Well, some of the e-wallets might not allow you to process a huge amount of money until a certain type of verification is accomplished. Even though this process might be stressful, it’s among the easiest options of gambling in Norway.

Few of the Norway gambling laws imposed by the government include:

  • The 1992 Gambling Act allows Norsk Tipping to offer betting services of football and lotteries under a strict evaluation of the government.
  • The 1995 Lottery Act is a strict law that restricts private companies and individuals from running profitable gaming events. However, non-profit gaming events are excluded from this law.
  • The 1927 Totalisator Act is a law that provides the horse betting rights to the Norsk Rikstoto Foundation under a strict evaluation from the government.

The Norwegian government has passed a lot of rules about gambling in Norway. And the above list, a few of it from 1927 to 1992. Even if you intend to gambling online, you have to be of legal age, which is 18. These imposed rules on gambling in Norway has further increased the popularity of online gambling.

Online gambling with Norsk Tipping

Norsk Tipping is popular among gamblers in Norway. The restriction of gambling has affected every gambler in Norway, which is what Norsk Tipping is currently solving. Norsk Tipping has a clear idea of what gamblers need to satisfy their gambling urges through tons of casino games with immense bonuses.

Residents in Norway know that other offshore online gambling companies offer better bonuses, games, and jackpots. However for the fact that the Norsk Tipping knows exactly what people want by providing them easier and convenient payment methods. Residents utilizing their gambling service can also play in NOK. The Norsk Tipping continues to rank among other online gambling platforms for Norwegians.


Online gambling is getting popular in Norway with tons of online licensed casinos giving Norwegians access to play favorite games. And almost all the licensed online casinos in Norway allow players to play in NOK.