How to keep team spirit alive during lockdown

With the state of the world as it currently is, it can be difficult to keep team spirit high. We are acutely feeling a lack of human contact, not just missing the company of our friends but also the social interaction usually experienced at work.

Many of us choose our place of work based on the office space, company culture and even contact with colleagues –  be it gossiping by the water cooler, after-work drinks or sports clubs. Now, working from home, it can be hard to recreate that social aspect of work and foster some kind of team spirit.

team spiritKeeping your team motivated

From an employer level, social interaction can hugely improve the atmosphere of a workplace. The more employers enjoy coming to work, the more productive they tend to be and more satisfied they feel. This, in turn, can have a positive impact on the company as it typically means less staff turnover. Social events and team bonding activities help employees feel valued and appreciated. It also acts as a way of motivating staff members.

The best team bonding activities

Just because we are physically distanced, does not mean that social interaction has to end. In fact now, more than ever, it is important for businesses to encourage team bonding and generate a feeling of togetherness. Here we share some of the most creative ways to keep your team bonded during lockdown.

Cooking classes

Many of us are missing dining out and a restaurant-quality experience. Why not satisfy the craving whilst making a memorable team-bonding activity? Restaurants have adapted to the new normal with many of them offering DIY meal kits where you can put together a recipe, step-by-step. Plateaway offers you restaurant-quality meal kits, delivered right to your door. With everything from sushi, to pizzas, to cookie dough, there are a myriad of options available. Each staff member will have their own meal kit and you can use video-conferencing to tune in together and get cooking! This activity is sure to generate good vibes among the team and is sure to culminate in a tasty treat at the end. Prices range from £4 to £111 per kit to accommodate any budget.

Virtual games

It is no secret that life could do with a dose of fun at the moment. Why not arrange a team games night with some of the latest technology around? Whether you want to do quizzes, competitions, or even escape rooms, there is something for everyone. Steamed Egg uses virtual reality headsets to let you escape reality with the rest of your team. From prices as low as £24 per person, you can choose different packages to accommodate time frames of anything from 30 minutes to four hours! Best of all, up to 125 guests can play simultaneously. These games nights will be a welcomed break from the drudgery of working from home and guaranteed to liven up a weeknight.

Cocktail hour

In a similar vein to a cooking night, why not reimplement an office classic: after-work drinks. This staple team-bonding activity may look a little different these days but that doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to team drinks. For something more interactive, why not organise for make-your-own-drinks kits to be sent out to staff members. TasteCocktails sends DIY cocktail kits straight to your front door with all the necessary ingredients and the recipe. Prices begin at £16. From mojitos to espresso martinis there is a cocktail for every occasion and will no doubt be a crowd pleaser. For teetotal staff members, or those bravely tyring Dry January, there are non-alcoholic cocktail kits available.

Office party

The office party has, understandably, taken a back seat in recent months. Gone are the days of pub karaoke and kissing co-workers, as many companies opted not to celebrate Christmas 2020. However, there are many options available for company celebrations, be it Christmas or even an important company landmark. Giving people an opportunity to get their gladrags on, even if just in their lounge, is a great way to generate some much-needed team spirit. Whether you opt for black tie or a specific theme, it will give the team members something to look forward to as well as ensuring many memorable moments.