The best ID card printers for workplaces in 2021

2020 saw the biggest changes to the way we work in a generation, and 2021 will see big changes in store. For those responsible for workplace security, it’ll be essential that policies and procedures are adapted to meet the demands of the modern workplace – and of course reassure staff in challenging times. 

Lots of organisations’ workplace security revolves around the way they issue photo ID and access control cards. With an eye on the future, what are the requirements of an ID card printer in the modern workplace? We have a look at the key things those responsible for finding the best ID card printers in the workplace need to think about in 2021.

best ID card printersGoing green with an ID card printer

Anyone responsible for procuring office and security products in 2021 will have an eye on sustainability. Happily, there are now several eco-options when it comes to ID card printers, with suppliers taking the lead in finding products that actively protect our world and give back to the environment. A prime example is the British manufacturer Magicard. 

For every printer it sells, a tree is planted via the One Tree Planted scheme. This helps boost biodiversity and reforestation efforts across the glove. What’s more, ID card printers are now capable of printing onto recycled and eco-friendly materials rather than 100% PVC cards too. It’s a simple way of reducing the amount of new plastic being created, while also diverting recyclable elements away from the general waste stream – well worth considering when you choose your next ID card printer. 

Printing onto access control cards

In the wake of lockdowns and phased office returns, businesses are keen to implement new access control policies to ensure a safe working environment is adhered to. A fantastic way of doing this is investing in an ID card printer capable of printing straight on to access control cards. Known as retransfer printers, these machines are leading the market in 2021 and offer many advantages compared to older technology. 

Printing more durable cards

As well as being able to print onto access control cards, a retransfer printer’s technology means it offers a much more durable and longer-lasting print than some other machines. This is particularly important in environments where ID cards need to be sterilising thoroughly – washing ID cards incorrectly can cause them to fade much quicker than usual. Printing cards with a retransfer card printer solves this issue, creating a more durable card and ensuring you lower your reissuance costs. 

New printing technology 

As well as retransfer printers, new technology is coming to the market that makes printing ID cards as simple as the regular paper inkjet printer sat on your desk. How? Well, with inkjet technology! Take the INK1000 by Fargo as an example. This machine has the same footprint of a regular desktop printer making it an excellent choice if you need flexibility. What’s more, the technology means it uses simple snap-in cartridges rather than printer ribbons, meaning it’s more reliable and less likely to cause you problems. It’s a great solution for streamlining your ID issuance process and creating ID cards easily and efficiently. 

The flexibility of an all-in-one ID solution

If you’re looking to cover all bases from the off, it may be wise to consider an all-in-one ID printing solution in 2021 rather than just a printer. For example, the EasyBadge 2.0 is available as a bundle that includes everything you need to set up an ID card issuance system with the minimum of fuss. The kit includes ID card software to design your cards, as well as eco-friendly ID cards and the consumables you’ll need to get started too. Great for beginners and printing experts alike, it really couldn’t be simpler to issue ID. 

So what’s the best ID card printer?

We’ve touched on a number of products that offer solutions to problems, but what really is the best printer for 2021? Well that will depend on your organisation’s requirements. For a more in-depth look at which option is the right one, check out the best ID card printers from Digital ID. With decades of experience, they provide ID printing solutions to some of the UK’s leading organisations.