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Small businesses offered ‘lifeline in lockdown’ with a tenner-a-day advertising on TV shopping channel

A TV shopping channel is giving SMEs a potential ‘financial lifeline’ by offering businesses a way of advertising its products on Sky TV for as little as £10 per day during the current UK lockdown.

TV Warehouse, which is also available on Freeview, has an advertising reach of 23 million households and businesses only pay for airtime and retain all of the income generated from TV sales. The channel, founded in 2012, is even offering subsidised video production services with access to headline presenters, such as actress Helen Anker and TV and radio host Louise Gookey.

TV channel host Laura GookeyTV Warehouse managing director Alan Judd insists small businesses need all the help they can get to ‘survive’ during the UK’s third lockdown since the coronavirus pandemic outbreak began last Spring.

With retail shops forced to close and no future date for re-opening yet, some businesses are solely reliant on online sales and click and collect services.

However, Mr Judd says this is not financially viable for all small companies which is why advertising on TV Warehouse offers SMEs an alternative way of reaching its customers.

Mr Judd said: “Small businesses in the UK have been massively impacted by the effects of the lockdowns and have had a torrid time so at TV Warehouse, we want to do all we can to throw them a financial lifeline.

“Shops are closed and can only make limited income from internet sales or click and collect, while SMEs that don’t have a physical store or way of selling their products over the internet are really struggling, so we’re offering them a unique way for them to get in front of their customers.

“TV Warehouse is broadcast to approximately 23 million people and, with more people staying at home and watching television, these audience figures have continued to rise.

“We have a range of affordable airtime slots available and can even help businesses, particularly start-ups, with filming a professional video alongside a recognised TV presenter from the channel.”

Mr Judd says many mainstream TV shopping channels charge a minimum sales commission of 40 per cent on TV sales and any stock held in warehouses which is not sold has to be returned to the business. This means many companies might not break even – or worse lose money.

“That is not a fair outcome for small businesses, especially in the current climate,” said Mr Judd. “We need to look after small businesses, not rip them off. They are the lifeblood of the UK economy and six million of them make up 99 per cent of all businesses in the UK.

“With the vaccine rollout now giving us a route out of the coronavirus pandemic, these businesses will be what helps this country get back on its feet from an economic standpoint, so we need to support them.

“At TV Warehouse, we do not charge sales commission so businesses that pay the airtime charges retain all their sales revenue. It’s as simple and easy as that – the way it should be.”

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