Enjoy every type of wine at the perfect temperature in style

When serving or drinking a wine at home, on your yacht, in a restaurant, at work or during business you want to present and experience it with a little extra.

The ambience and functionality of a high end wine cooler can deliver you the perfect wine temperature.

wine cooler perfect temperatureSome simple wine serving rules

A white wine with a fruity, fresh and semi-dry taste is served cold at a temperature of 7-9 degrees. Champagne, rosé and sparkling wines can be stored and served warmer, the ideal temperature being around 8-10 degrees. A simple fruity red wine can be served cooler (12-14 degrees) than a solid red Bordeaux which can be served between 16 – 18 degrees. A simple prosecco is served cooler approx. 7 degrees than a top champagne which gets served at 9 degrees.

Wine coolers are satisfactory for every kind of wine

The manner to keep your wines cold can differ in many ways. A conventional refrigerator, for the one who has got some extraordinary amount of space left to use, a wine cellar can be a solution. Though take into consideration that the above two examples of storing your win isn’t ideal to accomplish the real deal. For example, refrigerators can only be set up at one very unspecific temperature that is or too cold for the wines or to warm. Another example, cellars should be used only for storing wines for a long time, like a few years or longer. Wine coolers on the other hand will shape the perfect environment for your wines. These appliances are especially designed to deliver the best condition for any type of vino. Every element that is needed to serve the perfect wine is being presented by a wine cooler. Temperature, stability, humidity, presentation, handling, filtering. 

This can be established for even a cheaper price than investing into a cellar or refrigerator

The world-wide market for wine coolers is quite big with lots of kinds of coolers. Varying from in-built wine coolers to an under counter wine fridge. It will be easy to find a wine cooler no matter what your budget is. Wine coolers cost less because the product has just one purpose, cooling wines, so it requires less adaptability. Production costs are cheaper because of the size and capacity which reduces the market price of the product.

A wine cooler is less complicated as a cellar or normal fridge as a wine cooler is quite simple designed and built. This will save you costs on repairing the device if necessary. As these parts are so simply designed and built the cost for every part will be much lower on average compared to parts that needs to be bought for an average refrigerator or wine cellar. 

When using a 24 bottles wine cooler you can even save money in the long run. If a refrigerator is being used for cooling the wines there exists the scenario that the wines become misspent. The perfect climate for the wine won’t become established, the wine will taste bad or won’t become optimal served which will result in a nice bottle of wine being thrown into the waste bin. For this reason only you should directly invest in a wine cooler!