Why tools are essential to your DIY success

A DIYer is only as good as his tools. Ok, while we may have adapted the saying, it still rings true when it comes to taking on DIY and home improvement projects. 

For your DIY project to be done well, you should use the right tools for the job and these don’t have to cost you a fortune, head over to ADA Fastfix to take a look. But what are the ‘right tools’ and do you really need them?

DIY toolsWe take a closer look at why tools are essential to your DIY success.

The right tools make the job

All of us, at some time, have experimented or ‘made do’ when it comes to the tools we use, and have had decidedly mixed outcomes as a result. Using the wrong or ‘make do’ tools can also make the whole DIY process trickier and less enjoyable as well as potentially more costly. So, having the right tools for a specific home improvement task is essential to your DIY success.

Less is sometimes more

You don’t necessarily need a shed-full of expensive tools if you are keeping to everyday DIY tasks, although it can be tempting to get carried away when shopping in your local Do it Yourself store! And having lots of expensive, shiny DIY kits in your shed that never gets to see the light of day is an expensive mistake. Instead, ensure you have a good basic tool kit, then add to your toolbox if you need something specific for a new DIY task.

The ideal DIY starter toolbox

So, what tools do you really need to be successful at DIY? Planning and prepping for a specific project will enable you to work out what tools you need, but a go-to toolbox is an invaluable addition to any amateur DIYer’s home. Here are the essentials you should consider for your starter DIY toolkit:

  • Laser tape measure – For accurate on the go measurements for a host of DIY projects around the home.
  • Claw hammer – From hanging paintings to extracting nails, a claw hammer is one of the most important tools you can own.
  • Pliers – These really are your toolbox multi-taskers and can be used for gripping, tightening and even cutting wires.
  • Bit driver – Why have many screwdrivers when one will do! A bit driver is a super-convenient, space-saving piece of kit, which comes with interchangeable screwdriver heads, depending on the task at hand.
  • Utility knife – Razor-sharp, a utility knife is designed for precision cutting, meaning it is suited to a wide range of DIY projects. And the retractable, replaceable blade makes it convenient and safe too.
  • Level – For precision in your DIY work and taking away the guesswork when it comes to getting it straight, a level is one tool you can’t live without.

And finally, tools make your DIY safer

One of your key priorities every time you undertake a DIY job is safety – both yours and that of anyone around you. Using inappropriate or inferior tools can actually increase the risk of something going wrong and can lead to damage or injury. Knowing your tools are fit for purpose when it comes to tackling your DIY project makes everything safer as well as easier. And with the correct tools, you know the finish will be secure and safe too.