Japanese digital marketing trends forecast 2021

Every year marketing tendencies change. It allows people to learn about different methods and strategies of promotion.

Of course, marketing depends on the world situation: 2020 year was an unexpected coup. It played a big role in marketing because most people started to stay at home and the only entertainment was the Internet. Today, the pandemic continues but people are starting to leave their homes and return to their old lives. What do we think of the Japanese marketing trends for 2021? Take a look below!

Japanese marketing trendsDigital transformation

The most important trend in Japan for 2021 is digital transformation. This is an era when everything in marketing is changing a lot. There will be much more content on social networks. The most popular Japanese tool for promotion for 2021 is YouTube. Yes, the short video clips attract people and make them interested. As people spend most of their time at home, they watch videos or serials and it is a great opportunity to make ads there. It is important to note that statistics predict the influx of viewers mostly from smartphones. The next change is the adoption of cloud tools and services. It helps to keep the important documents in order. Such a way helps to make it convenient for people to work right from home and have all the necessary documents at hand. In other words, all real-life tools are transferred to the digital environment. By the way, offline meetings have become old-fashioned and dangerous with the COVID-19, therefore, video conference solutions, such as Zoom are becoming more and more popular for school, business, or friend meetings. We predict that 2021 digitalization will pass quickly in Japan.

Rise of e-commerce marketing strategy

Many different businesses have lost their identity due to the pandemic. Those companies who didn’t have the digital opportunity to develop had an especially hard hit. People wanted to compensate for their loss via the Internet and such a way will continue in 2021. Online shopping and digital opportunities have entered our lives so tightly that Japanese people will never return to their old lives.

All attention will be focused on online resources: online stores of equipment, clothing, services will have colossal work on their projects, introducing various advertisements and promoting their services. This trend in Japan is similar to the strategy of the United States; in just a few months, they have achieved the kind of success in the market that they would have achieved for 10 years. Even such grey zones as gambling successfully went online: Vera&John, the most popular online casino in Japan, has its monthly number of visits from Japan increased 120-fold – up to 77.51 million.

Influencer marketing strategy is still popular

Japanese companies still want to cooperate with famous people to increase their popularity and income. Influencer marketing is logical because many people want to be like their idols, so they will pay attention to the product they are using. The most popular platform for promoting your product among influencers is YouTube. Of course, marketers often pay attention to Instagram, however, they consider not many followers but a number of views and reach. By the way, the most rapidly developing social network in Japan is TikTok. For several months of quarantine, this site involved millions of people. TikTok is especially popular among teens, and we all know that teens have an incredible influence on people. Therefore, many marketers start to consider TikTok as a real opportunity to promote their products. Nevertheless, TikTok is not as popular as Instagram or YouTube for Japanese people because they are reliable and proven services. We still believe that TikTok will be one of the biggest influential social networks in Japan for 2021.

The opportunity to provide virtual events

As we aren’t sure when to provide big concerts or shows, the Japanese will begin to favor digital, as they did last year. The most important thing is that a real meeting can be canceled and a virtual one is always reliable. Virtual events will become far more commonplace. Contacts of famous performers who will be held online will be very profitable and will be ideal for advertising activities.

Yahoo! JAPAN is more popular than Google

Statistics show that Yahoo is much more popular than Google in 2021. Japanese will start promoting their product through this search network, namely through Yahoo! JAPAN Ads.

The power of video ads

As marketers believe that the best way to promote a product in 2021 is a video offer, the video content will continue to play a large role in online activities. Of course, video ads are not one of the new trends in Japanese marketing but the biggest companies have started to use this tool again. The reason for it is that video ads show great views and differ from all other creatives. Moreover, there is a second reason for using video ads – the popularity of TikTok, as we said earlier. However, creating video ads specifically for the Japanese market and Japanese consumers is not as well suited for small advertisers.


Our list of Japanese marketing trends includes only changes in favor of the Internet. As you can see, digital trends are gaining momentum in Japan for 2021. This expresses both modern problems and leading to great success. We hope our article was informative for you!