How to market and advertise your window cleaning business

Starting a window cleaning business can definitely be a lucrative opportunity with high potential profits. However, although it has a big potential market and a relatively easy barrier of entry, doesn’t mean your target audience will automatically use your service as soon as you’ve launched your window cleaning business. 

A proper marketing strategy is necessary if you really want to attract more clients to your window cleaning business and grow your revenue. 

window cleaning businessBy marketing and advertising your window cleaning strategy, you are going to make your services publicly known to your target audience. Without properly building awareness, your prospects and customers won’t know that your business even exists. 

Here, we will discuss effective marketing techniques to start your window cleaning business the right way, so you can achieve healthy and consistent growth. Without further ado, let us begin. 

How to market and advertise your window cleaning business

1. Deliver service excellence to encourage advocacy

Before we’ll discuss specific marketing techniques and strategies, it’s important to remember that the window cleaning business is in essence, a field service business. 

That is, no matter how good your marketing strategy is, it won’t help if you don’t provide good service, and vice versa, if you are providing excellent service quality, your business will promote itself and your happy clients will recommend your business to other people.

This is the basic principle in attracting more clients and growing your business. 

Good service in any industry is always rare, and so you can beat your competition by simply showing up on time, providing efficient work, and finish your jobs on time. 

Time management is very important in a window cleaning business, especially if you are running a team of window cleaners. This is why having a proper window cleaning business software like Fieldd is very important, so you can effectively manage your service schedules, assign the right jobs to the right team members, and ultimately, finish your jobs on time and on budget. With Fieldd’s smart scheduling function, you can ensure your crews are using their valuable time to finish their tasks rather than struggling with miscommunications and administrative inefficiencies. 

By reliably delivering customer service excellence, you can keep your happy customers engaged, and encourage them to recommend your window cleaning service to their peers and friends. 

2. Improve your online presence

What’s the primary way people learn about new businesses nowadays? In the past, we learn about new businesses from TV/newspaper ads and billboards, but now we learn about new businesses from social media and Google search. 

So, if you really want to attract more of your clients, you should improve your business’s presence on relevant social media networks and Google. 

Obviously having a professional website is still very important: it’s an effective way to gather your audience in a single location where you can showcase the value of your business and capture their attention. Nowadays, you can use platforms like Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress to easily build professional-looking websites in no time. 

Next, figure out which social media platforms your target audience frequents, and build your presence in these networks. If necessary, use the paid advertising options provided by these networks to reach out to more audiences. 

Next, make sure your window cleaning business listing is ranked on the top-3 spots of Google Maps listing. Google now features results from Google Maps for local keywords like “window cleaning business near me” above the organic search results, so if you can improve your listing’s position on Google Maps listing, you can put yourself on a larger audience. 

While Google Maps SEO might seem like an intimidating task at first, actually it will only improve four relatively simple steps: 

    1. Claiming and verifying your Google My Business account. Google Maps only display businesses that are listed on Google My Business.
    2. Optimizing your Google My Business account. Focus on providing complete and comprehensive information for your human audience. 
    3. Building local citations. Listing your mobile car wash business on various online directories and business listing sites. Make sure to maintain consistency and accuracy in information. 
    4. Encourage reviews. Both on Google Maps and other platforms. We will discuss more of this in the next step. 

By doing these steps consistently, you’ll slowly but surely climb the Google Maps ranking and get more leads and customers in the process. 

3. Encourage more positive reviews

Again, remember that the foundation of any marketing is to actually offer quality products and services, and this is especially true in this step. 

After you’ve provided customer service excellence, as discussed above, now you can use these tactics to help encourage more positive reviews from your clients: 

  • Offering incentives. For example, offering discounts and freebies for those who’ve left a (positive) review on Google Maps or mention your business on social media. 
  • Always respond to all reviews, including and especially the negative ones. People are more likely to leave reviews for businesses actively respond to (bad) reviews. 
  • Sometimes all it takes is to just ask them at the right time. For example, when they are making a repeat order (which means they are happy with your service), ask them for a review

4. Improve In Person Signage

While digital marketing is very effective, real-world marketing is still very effective, particularly for home services in your area. Leverage in-person advertising methods such as posters or other physical mediums for effective business marketing. Combined with in-person marketing, business signs can really grow your inbound lead generation.


A window cleaning business is, above anything else, a service business, and the best way to market your business and attract more customers is to consistently deliver high-quality services to build rapport and generate social proofs. 

By ensuring customer service excellence paired with a proper marketing strategy we’ve discussed above, you can effectively grow your window cleaning business in no time.