Meeting the challenges of hybrid workplace environments

For years the office has been at the centre of our working lives, but over the last year more and more workers are spending part of their time in an office and part working from home or another remote location.

This hybrid workplace has propelled the need for the right technology and tools to ensure meeting experiences and collaborations don’t suffer. 

hybrid workplaceMany employees will welcome the return to the office when it is safe to do so, but not for whole weeks at a time. What’s more, guidelines may dictate that employees must be present in the office at staggered times or different days to allow for distancing and less crowded areas. These factors mean there is likely to be a mix of in-office and at-home workers at all times. 

A hybrid workforce can present some challenges, particularly in making sure all employees are able to communicate and work together seamlessly despite being in different locations.

Video conferencing is the new meeting

Face-to-face meetings are still a necessity, which means video conferencing will be more important than ever before. However, the participants of these meetings will include some in the same room as each other, and others in separate locations. Bringing everyone together is a hugely important task in facilitating a hybrid workplace for everyone to enjoy as if everyone was in the same room.

When people begin to return to work on some days but stay at home on others, there has to be a way for communication to remain productive and proactive. Creating virtual meeting spaces could benefit everyone, no matter their location.

Having a video-enabled meeting room will be key moving forward, allowing everyone to join on their own device wherever they may be while connecting with those in the office.

Finding the right tools for hybrid meetings

Covid-19 has forced the hand of many businesses who were previously reluctant to adopt video conferencing tools or other such solutions into their working day. There has been a cultural shift as workforces become more accustomed to communicating on camera. This challenge becomes easier to overcome when you have the right tools to achieve a positive hybrid meeting experience.

Wireless conferencing systems for meeting spaces, such as Barco ClickShare Conference, can enable you to connect with colleagues in remote locations easily and quickly. Barco ClickShare Conference harnesses the power of ‘Bring Your Own Meeting’, allowing participants to use familiar devices to connect with each other, starting a meeting with little hassle. ClickShare is compatible with any device, allowing you to transform any meeting room into a virtual conference.

Other such platforms include Cisco Webex who has recently released a range of devices designed to enhance the meeting experience, whether you are in the office or at home. Webex Desk Hub in particular can turn your smartphone into a personal workstation.

The result

Being able to accommodate a hybrid workplace means employees can communicate face-to-face via video, just as they would if they were in the same room. Creating a collaborative meeting experience through the use of technology will quickly become second nature, as employees explore more flexibility in their location.

With crystal clear video and audit, content sharing abilities, and connectivity with one click, video conferencing tools can help you to transform each meeting and allow for a complete sharing experience, so no one misses out.