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Which tool should I use for my prospection?

Kaspr.io, is a high-performance lead generation tool.

Don’t waste your time analyzing web pages or searching all the social networks to get the contact information of your prospects. Instead, entrust this difficult and time-consuming work to the KASPR lead generation tool. It is a revolutionary prospecting application for marketers, sales representatives and recruiters.

tool KasprIntroduction

Since its establishment in November 2018, Kaspr.io has managed to provide its users with millions of email addresses and phone numbers of prospects. This lead generation tool has been specifically designed to help your sales, marketing or recruitment teams in their tasks. In just a few clicks, it allows you to:

  • Recover the contact information of your prospects or potential candidates;

  • Export contacts saved on your CRM or other compatible media;

  • Enrich your contact database in real time;

  • Automate workflows.

Kaspr.io is constantly evolving according to the requirements and needs of its users. This tool has its own dashboard facilitating the management of leads.

A lead generation tool with multiple functions

Adopt Kaspr to make your commercial prospecting a success.

A real growth level for your company. This tool also accompanies you throughout your Outbound Marketing or Outbound Recruiting process.

Commercial prospecting

Would you like to get more BtoB customers and increase your sales? Kaspr.io is the tool you need to generate leads or new buyers faster. Use this software to collect the email addresses and phone numbers of your prospects from LinkedIn or Sales Navigator via the Google Chrome extension. This tool takes care of searching the contact information of your prospects on the web. It can find on average 95% of email addresses and 60% of phone numbers of prospects. The information collected will allow you to improve your LinkedIn prospecting.

Outbound marketing

Get help from the Kaspr tool to optimize your Outbound Marketing campaign. Recovering the contact information is among the first steps of this operation. This lead generation tool will do the job for you and provide you with the contact information of prospects corresponding to your personas. Kaspr will also provide you with the techniques to convert your contacts into leads and customers. To do this, this software allows you to send your prospects invitations and messages on LinkedIn. You will be able to create automated scenarios based on the maturity level of your prospects in the sales pipeline.

Kaspr dashboard

Simplify your business development, Outbound Marketing or Outbound Recruiting even more by using the Kaspr dashboard. Integrate directly the contact information retrieved in this user-friendly and functional dashboard. As a result, it will be easier for you to filter the saved contacts, manage them and even organize your team. You will be able to search for a person or an e-mail structure of your prospect. You will also be able to find in no time at all the leads in the job search you are interested in.

The main advantages of Kaspr.io

Automate your prospecting process with Kaspr. In addition, take advantage of its integrations that allow you to link this tool to your contact management platform.

Automate your prospecting

Take advantage of Kaspr’s LinkedIn/Sales Navigator prospecting automation feature to automatically obtain your contact list with their respective contact information. You will be notified of each incoming contact. Incoming leads will be automatically transferred to your CRM or marketing automation platform.

Various integrations

Kaspr can seamlessly connect to your CRM and other favorite tools through its various integrations: HubSpot, Salesforce, Sendinblue, Pipedrive, Lemlist and Gmail. In addition, the Kaspr.io team promises to gradually add other integrated solutions according to user needs.

Ease of use

Register for free on this lead generation platform and take advantage of its free trial offer. Kaspr gives you a gift of up to 20 credits that you can use to search for contacts. Kaspr offers its subscribers competitive and transparent rates that vary according to the services provided (search, contact management and export, CRM integration and automation).

User satisfaction

This BtoB prospecting platform has more than 10,000 users each year. Many large entities (companies, digital communication agencies…) trust this tool, including Ornikar, iPaidThat, GetQuanty, Plezi, Kestio and Swile. In addition, on the Web, several users review their satisfaction with Kaspr’s performance.

Benefits of Kaspr users

Kaspr promises its users enormous time savings while making it easier for them to prospect and recruit. Kaspr’s high-performance features ensure that your lead generation is optimized.

Time saving

Your marketer or sales rep must spend more than an hour a day looking for information on his prospects. Kaspr allows you to save up to 20% of your time and focus on more important tasks. Within seconds, the software can provide you with a list of email addresses and phone numbers of target profiles.

Simplified prospecting work

Kaspr.io offers you the opportunity to automate your prospecting work from LinkedIn or Sales Navigator. In a few clicks, you can obtain the contact information of your leads, export them and integrate them directly into your CRM, your Kaspr dashboard or your Marketing Automation platform.

Optimized conversion rates

This lead generation tool will be indispensable for you to approach your prospects in an efficient way and transform them more easily into customers. You will be able to target the contacts that are likely to be really interested in your offer and send them a LinkedIn invitation. Your prospects will be closely monitored and “warmed up” discreetly and efficiently until they are converted.

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