3 reasons why your car key remote might not be working

The ability to unlock your car door with a car key remote is no doubt, very convenient. It’s especially useful for those who are always on the move who need a quick lock/unlock solution. However, when your car key remote fob stops working, it can be tricky deciding what to do next.

There are lots of reasons why your car key remote may not be working. However, they’re nothing to lose sleep over as you can check most of these faults on your own.

car key remote not workingOne of the most common problems with these remotes is that the batteries die over time—some faster than others. In this case, you can fix the problem just by changing the battery. Some other problems are a bit more complicated but they are fixable by professionals.

On that note, here are three common reasons why your car key remote might not be working.

1. The door locks are at fault

This first reason might seem basic but it’s a very common mistake. Most people immediately assume that the key remote is the problem when the door isn’t unlocking. They might even go as far as to open the fob, only to find no fault at all.

However, on some occasions, the problem is not from the remote fob itself but rather, due to a mechanical or electrical problem with the door locks. To be certain this is the case, use your backup car key remote to test it first.

If your car door unlocks, then it means that the problem is actually from your car key remote. If not, then you’d need to visit the closest car repair garage.

2. Your car key remote could be damaged

A car key remote functions on the basis of transmission. When a button is pushed, a radio transmission is sent to your car. However, your car must be within the operational range. Once successfully sent, these transmissions activate various processes. From locking and unlocking the car door to igniting the engine.

A damaged car key remote transmitter will not be able to send signals to the car successfully. This could be as a result of internal damage or loose connections. Internal transmitter damage could be a tad bit too complicated for the average car owner to fix. Therefore you’d probably have to take your key remote to a professional like Fast Keys to get fixed.

1. Your car key remote might not be programmed.

The transmitting and receiving functions of a car key remote work hand in hand, since it’s a paired device. With paired devices, there has to be some kind of pairing on each end. If you haven’t programmed your car key remote to regulate controls in your vehicle, it will seem as if the remote is faulty.

Therefore, you need to program and pair the transmitter of your car key remote to the receiver. For brand new cars, this is never an issue. However, for second-hand vehicles, it is more tricky but certainly doable. Let’s put it this way, it’s not a fault that can’t be fixed.

If you can’t do it yourself, one visit to your auto-locksmith or a locker key replacement service shop would solve it.