7 industries which did well during the coronavirus pandemic

2020 (and into 2021) was a strange time for almost everyone due to the global pandemic. And, for a number of industries, it was likely either extremely strenuous and impossible to operate as usual, or there was more demand than they could even keep up with during the coronavirus pandemic.

Below, we will cover a few of the industries that seemed to do very well during the coronavirus pandemic. For many of these, it is easy to see why the demand skyrocketed. It is likely that you even increased your spending in these industries significantly during the coronavirus pandemic.

coronavirus pandemic industries still open1. Food delivery services

Going out to eat was a common outing for some, and may have even contributed a large part to some people’s regular diets.

With the advent of the pandemic, most restaurants were closed or at least extremely limited in how many people they could serve and where.

For people who had previously relied on restaurants for a large portion of their meals, they had two options — grocery stores, takeout, or food delivery.

Cooking at home is normally the cheapest and healthiest option, but is more time-consuming and requires a level of kitchen finesse than delivery. For this reason, food delivery services have skyrocketed, in some part stepping in to feed people who were probably regular restaurant-goers looking for another easy option for dinner. 

2. Grocery stores

On the flip side of the closed restaurant situation during the pandemic, many people opted to cook at home more. 

Many people use their extra time to try to improve their health or learn new skills, and the kitchen can be a resource for both of these things.

Grocery store sales have boomed, partially due to people no longer frequenting restaurants, partially due to people keeping their pantries fully stocked, and also due to people improving their cooking skills for health, cost savings, and delving into culinary hobbies.

3. Streaming services

What to do when bars, restaurants, and movie theaters are out for the count?

Stay in and watch some movies and T.V. shows by subscribing to a streaming service. Most services offer a month’s worth of viewing for roughly the cost of a ticket or two at the movie theatre.

With the amount of time that many people have spent watching movies and shows while staying home more during the pandemic, shelling out for their favorite streaming service quickly becomes a cheap source of nearly unlimited entertainment.

4. Telemedicine companies

A global pandemic makes people wary of heading out for anything other than the essentials.

But, even though getting medical care is essential, people started thinking twice about if it is a good time to get that blemish, weird toenail, or receding hairline checked out in person.

Non-emergent telemedicine health care services swooped in to offer people a source of medical care and treatment for minor health concerns, all from the comfort of their own homes.

5. Pet supply stores

What do you do when you have to cut back on seeing your friends and family in person for the sake of the greater good? You pick up a furry friend to spend time with.

Many people got the idea to invite a pet into their lives during the pandemic. Pets can help ease loneliness and anxiety, gives people something to take care of, as well as brings along some much-needed fun during repetitive days.

Once they have their furry (probably) friend, the next step is to outfit them with all the doodads needed from pet beds, healthy pet food, toys, collars, sweaters, etc.

This led to pet supply outfits doing exceedingly well during the pandemic.

6. Video game companies

For some, there are only so many hours of streaming they can take.

Video games offer an in-home entertainment experience that is a little more hands-on than watching a show or movie, and consumers seem to have latched on to games and consoles even more tightly during the pandemic.

Video gaming online can also offer a fun and easy way to connect virtually with friends and family to have a shared experience, whether you are defeating monsters together, or just reeling in virtual fish next to each other.

7. Cleaning supply companies

It should go without having to explain why companies selling cleaning supplies did well during the pandemic.

Many people became acutely aware of the potential of viruses, bacteria, and any other invisible pathogens that can be lurking on surfaces, shoes, floors, handles, and anywhere else people are walking and touching.

Cleaning supplies began flying off the shelves. So much so that tutorials and at-home recipes for cleaning agents became readily shared bits of information.