Modern web, mobile desktop tools your team must know

Businesses today are far different from companies in the past. If you are still thinking of pens and papers to keep records, track transactions, and perform several business operations – think twice. Now is not the era to do such.

Today, devices are so essential and have been used to their maximum capacity – and it is for the better good. To stay in business in these modern times, what web tools can you use? How can these modern digital tools help your team? Let us find out.

modern digital toolsDigital tools: How they improve your business

Modern digital tools today are essential in running a successful business. We have listed some of them that can be useful to your team members. 

Cloud storage

Gone are the days where you save your files on floppy disks, CDs, and even flash drives. You can now store all the business details you need in cloud storage. The perk? You can access your data wherever and whenever you desire as long as you have an internet connection. Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive are just three of the best cloud storage platforms you can avail of.

These tools are web-based applications, but they have their native apps available to all kinds of devices. Business owners can grant access and security to any team members assigned by the business owner.


Aside from cloud storage, AirTable is an upgraded version of Microsoft Office’s Excel. In AirTable, business team members can collaborate in real-time. It makes tasks to be accessed with less hassle and work on it immediately. Business owners can create tables within the platform based on the nature of the work to be done. Team members can leave tags and remarks for the other team members to check. Some businesses do use Airtable with the software outsourcing company working on their projects.

AirTable makes the team more coordinated with each other. Logically, it is a web version of Excel and is more powerful. You can always utilize its pivot tables.


The Trello app is available on Android, iOS and has its web version. Users can easily access it on whatever device they are using. How does Trello help in the business? Almost the same as AirTable.

You log in to the app and view shared boards to you. You can always create your boards depending on the categories of tasks you want to accomplish in the business. In the Trello app, you can put a checklist to monitor tasks. As regards to UI/UX of the Trello app, well, it can be user-friendly.


The Slack app is a channel-based messaging platform. With Slack, business team members can work efficiently and effectively. They can collaborate on their devices and software. All of these services are secured in an enterprise-grade platform.

Moreover, Slack is purposely designed for work-related messaging. Within Slack, users can easily share documents, presentations, and access to meetings with each team member. More importantly, the application can be downloaded on your PC, iOS, and Android devices.

Social media platforms

Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube are just three of the best social media platforms your business can tap for brand awareness and other promotional activities. Business owners can reach billions of users on these platforms depending on the market you are targeting.

Your business needs social media presence for apparent reasons. Responsible team members should know how to interact with the target audience by making graphic cards and daily content.

Proper usage of these tools mean benefits

Gone are the days where pen and paper are the primary needs of a business. Today, tools are wrapped in devices through the internet. Doing business now is more fun and encouraging because of these useful digital tools.

If you run a business of your own, you can customize software, web, and mobile tools that can be used by your team. 

Tools mentioned above can be availed through subscription. But, the functionalities of these apps are essential for your business. Your team working environment will undoubtedly be improved, too.

Other supplementary digital tools

Aside from the tools mentioned above, you can also use the following:


Telegram is a communication platform that offers secured transfer of information to your team members. It also has features like secret messaging.

Integrating the features of Telegram into your business model can make things simpler and efficient. One thing more, the use of a dedicated messaging platform in your business will benefit you more than you know. You can opt to other platforms for your personal messaging wants.


Due to the pandemic, the Zoom application gained popularity because of its video calling features. In the paid version, Zoom can make at least 100 participants hold a meeting. Moreover, you can schedule and personalize its arrangement.

In the past year, issues like security breaches have were given solutions to safeguard its million users worldwide. One thing best about Zoom is its ability to minimize background noises from participants.

The wrap up

Indeed, mobile applications and modern web tools can improve the quality of services you offer to the targetted market. This fact should encourage you to utilize, master, and effectively use them to maximize your business capacity.

Most of these apps are self-learning. Still, you might need to hold training for the team members to properly use this software.

Since your business is a separate entity from you as a person, you have to make sure that there is a business account to separately used for business operations. As you continue to use these tools, why not try developing software dedicated to the operations of your business. You can do so by outsourcing software developers who are competent enough.