10 classic games to play online during break

Playing games is always a good way to spend your time especially when you are on a break and since the COVID pandemic started, online video games are in again. You can still play all your favorite classic games that you used to play but now you can directly play them from your smartphone.

If you are on a break then here are 10 classic games to play online during your break to spend your time and have fun doing so:

classic games to play during breakPictionary

Pictionary is a classic game that you can always play during break. Whether you’re a kid, teen, or adult, Pictionary is a game that is made for people of all ages. You can not only play Pictionary online with people from around the world but also play it with your friends or family members during break. Once you start playing the game, you will find yourself so immersed in the game as the game gets very interesting and fun if the opponents you’re playing against are tough.


It is a fact that all of us tell some lies occasionally, most of them are harmless and meant to not cause any damage but what if there was a game that encouraged you to lie? Well, there is a game available called Psych! where the players are encouraged to lie and in order to win the game, you have to lie.

The game is really interesting and fun to play. All the players are asked a trivia question and each player has to individually make something up as an answer. You win a round by convincing the others that your lie was the truth and if you are able to do so then you win points.


Solitaire card games are age and timeless. You can play Solitaire at any time and you won’t get bored while playing these games. Solitaire games are not only a good way to pass time but are also very soothing and relaxing to play.

There are different variants of solitaire, Klondike Solitaire being one of the most popular ones, each with its own rules but all of them are very fun to play.

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour brings back all the memories of childhood but without the need for any game station or arcade token. Although it doesn’t provide the same experience as sitting in the driver’s seat you will still enjoy playing this game, especially with your friends. You can invite up to 7 players at a time to the floor and try to beat them in a fun adventurous game.


One of the most beloved and popular card games, UNO is also available to play digitally too. Just like you used to play it with your friends in your childhood, you can play it too on your cell phone. All of the rules are the same but instead of physically picking up the cards and playing them, you will have to play them on your cell phone. Invite your friends and the game becomes even more fun.


Monopoly is one of those classic games that are timeless and ageless. A board game that is always fun to play. Although it can be hard to gather around the dinner table and play it with friends, you can always play it virtually and also have a video chat with your friends when you’re doing so.

Cards Against Humanity

If you have ever played the game Cards Against Humanity then you can try out its virtual version called Remote Insensitivity. The game is similar to the classic card game but is a virtual version of it and you will definitely enjoy playing this adult-only game with your friends. Just remember to keep everything adults only as the game is for adults only.


Bingo is another classic game that you can play online during a break. Bingo is a simple game and an easier one too but very fun to play. You can get your friends on a video call and have a nice game of bingo with your friend. You can use online free bingo cards to make everything easier for everyone.


Scrabble is another game that you can play with your friends online during a break. Scrabble is a classic word game that is played famously in almost every household in the US. The online version of Scrabble has the same rules as the classic board game. You will enjoy playing this with your friends especially, just download the game and get started.


Trivia quizzes can also be fun if you are into those. For people who have been doing trivia from childhood, don’t let your trivia skills fall down. You can still play Trivia online and also with your friends. Trivia quizzes are always fun to play, no matter what age you belong to.