8 excellent free internal team communication apps

The age of SMS and text messaging is now long past with the advancement of technology and the introduction of the modern-day chat and messenger application. Where used to be only text messaging for text communication, there is now application for every matter, be it work, business, or personal matters, there is now a chatting application for every matter.

Every one of us is aware of how important internal communication and collaboration can be during work. With the introduction of modern-day chatting and texting applications, communication and collaboration has become much simpler and easier but only if the applications and software chosen are the right ones.

internal communicationUsing the right communication app can make it easier for the whole team working together to communicate and collaborate with each other. Here are 8 excellent free internal team communication apps that you can use for effective communication with your team:


Slack is one of those team communication apps that is considered a superstar amongst the apps of its kind. It is an app that makes team communication very easy.

Using Slack is easy, you either create a new team or join an existing one and once you are in a team, the whole interface is simple and clean.

You will find different channels in teams that are used to talk about a particular topic and if you like then you can create custom channels in a team. For direct communication, you can create private channels or direct communication through private messages.

Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger is another one of those apps that are designed specially to connect members of the teams working together. The app makes it easier to share different ideas among the members of the team and communicate with each other through features like private messages, group conversation, voice, and video calls, along with audio messaging, and Burnout.

Troop Messenger is available across different platforms which makes it to share files, manage projects, and achieve work deadlines on any device. The whole interface and design of the app are simple and straightforward, yet very effective.


Chanty is a team communication app that makes working easier. It is one of those apps that provides simple and intuitive communication yet the communication is very effective and makes working together very easier.

No matter where your team is, Chanty makes it simple and easier to work with your team. Chanty is available on both desktop and mobile which makes it very easy to access the app from any platform and communicate with team members.

Apart from text chatting, you can also communicate through screen sharing, audio, and video calls. It is a great choice if your team is remote or traditional because it has all the features that are required for seamless communication.


WhatsApp is the most popular messenger app in the world that is used by billions of people from around the world. WhatsApp provides text chats along with voice and video calls and audio messaging. You can not only chat with someone in private but also make groups in which you can chat with all the members of the team. You can also share files and documents and also stay up to date on the latest projects.

WhatsApp is free to use for everyone and you can use it for internal communications hassle-free. It provides all the features that are needed for effective internal communication among team members. You may also use third-party android emulators such as BlueStacks to run WhatsApp on your computer to perform voice and video calls.

Hangouts Chat

Hangouts Chat is a team communication app developed by Google which is helping many teams out there to communicate with each other hassle-free. It is a simple and effective app that is allowing teams out there to effectively communicate with others via text, audio, and video chat along with screen sharing.

Whether it is one-on-one chat or group conversation, it is one of the most preferred teams communicating out there.


ProofHub is a team communication application that makes project communication simple and easier. It gives a platform that makes it easier to communicate with members of the team in one place. You can create discussions, mention team members, work together, and get things done.

The application is available on both mobile and desktop which makes the app easier to access and communicate with each other at any given time. The application has all the tools available that you need for effective communication with the members of your team.


Skype is the old guy in the list of apps that are used for internal communication. Skype is still one of the greatest apps for internal communication due to the features that it provides such as group chats, file sharing, free audio, and video calls, free group video calling, and screen sharing.

For more serious communication, you can try out Skype Business which provides all the aforementioned features along with some additional features such as Office apps, online meetings, scheduling meetings in Outlook, and a couple of other features.


Workvivo is an internal communication platform through which you can easily stay in touch with the members of your teams. The interface of the app is similar to social media newsfeed apps and you can easily share information with your team members in an interesting way. You can post the information about a specific project and all the members of the teams will be notified about it.

Because the app has a user-interface similar to social media apps, it is easier for users to scroll around the newsfeed of the app and be updated on the latest. Since Workvivo is available on both desktop and mobile, it is easier to stay in touch with the members of your team right from your cell phone.