Here are 4 PDF solutions for your business

PDFs are now used in almost every business, whether it is a small business or medium-sized, you will find PDFs being used in most businesses. If you own a business then you need PDF tools and solutions that will help your business grow and solve PDF-related problems for you.

If you are looking for PDF solutions that will help solve your PDF-related problems then you have come to the right place. Here Are 4 PDF solutions for your business that will help your business flourish. All of these PDF tools are provided by Lua, an online platform that offers different PDF solutions for free without the need of installing any software or application.
PDF solutions

PDF Compressor

PDF Compressor is a tool that is needed almost everywhere. PDF Compressor is very useful because the size of PDFs can become very large and it can not only become hard to store those files but also upload them. Therefore, PDF Compressor is a tool that is needed by most businesses and Lua provides a free PDF compressor that can compress PDFs into a smaller size for free without any registration or anything else.

PDF Merger

Sometimes there comes the need to merge multiple PDF files into a single PDF file and for that purpose, the free PDF Merger by Lua comes into play. Just like all the other tools, PDF Merger is also a free tool with the help of you can combine multiple PDF files into a single PDF document. All you need to do is upload the PDFs that you want to merge and let the tool do its job. It is a very essential tool that is required for businesses and will definitely be a good PDF solution for your business.

Word to PDF

One of the commonest tools that are needed by many businesses out there is Word to PDF converter. Word documents and PDFs, two are two of the most common document formats out there and there come times when you need to convert the DOC and DOCX documents into PDFs. When that is required then you can easily use the Word to PDF converter by Lua to convert Doc and Docx files into PDF in just a few seconds for free.

PDF to Word

Just like it is required by many businesses to convert Word to PDF, it is also required to convert PDFs into Word documents and Lua also provides a free PDF to Word Converter. Just like Word to PDF converter, you can convert the PDFs into Word documents with PDF to Word Converter for free without the need for any registration. Just upload the PDFs that you want to convert and let the converter do its job.

Lua PDF Converter has other PDF tools available along with the aforementioned tools and all of the different tools that are available on Lua are for free without the need for any registration or anything else. All of the files that are uploaded on the platform are through a secure server and once the conversion process is done, the files are deleted from the server within 24 hours. So, not only are you able to enjoy different tools for free but also your privacy is maintained.

PDF to Powerpoint

To convert a PDF to PowerPoint, you can use an online editor. Please note that this method requires access to any free or paid software. Here’s how you can convert a PDF to PowerPoint using online tools. Alternatively, if you don’t have access to any premium online tool, you can try using online conversion tools. There are several websites that offer PDF to PowerPoint conversion services for free. Simply search for “PDF to PPT online converter” in your preferred search engine, choose one of the online tools, upload your PDF file, and follow the instructions provided to convert it to PowerPoint format.