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Meet Cocolyze, a SaaS company that is shaking up the SEO market

If you own a website or run an e-commerce shop, you are probably aware of the importance of Search Engine Optimization for the success of your project. Indeed, SEO remains a great option for those seeking to boost their online business without spending a fortune. 

However, SEO is still a synonym of a brain teaser for business owners that in the attempt to master this area of digital marketing and increase their organic traffic, end up wasting a lot of money by investing in complicated and costly SEO tools that are not suitable nor effective to their needs.

SEO brain teaserTennessee Veldeman, the founder of Cocolyze explains the reasons that made him launch into the creation of a different SEO tool that is shaking up the SEO market.

Where did the idea of creating Cocolyze come from?

Most enterprises know the importance of SEO for their visibility and online presence, but they do not dedicate enough time to explore it.

The reason is simple: they don’t know how to identify what is not working on their website, how or which content they should be writing, and the most important: how they could measure the impact of their SEO actions.

This lack of knowledge and information makes SEO an unachievable and frustrating brain teaser, which is not the case, and I knew that I could prove that.

Cocolyze came from the need to make SEO not only affordable but mainly possible for everyone.

Besides the lack of knowledge and information, is there any other barrier preventing the companies from the benefits of SEO?

Another issue faced by the companies that are launching themselves into the SEO universe is the huge amount of SEO tools available in the market, which are, yet, quite restraining.

This restriction is because among these tools they only have two options: pay for an incredibly expensive all-in-one tool or accumulate different specialized solutions. It is quite common to find, even for “free”, companies offering specialized SEO tools that cover only specific areas of it. Some of them will focus on backlinks suggestions, while others will focus on keyword planner tools or competitor analysis, for example. Once the all-in-one tools are too expensive, the companies opt for accumulating two or more specialized tools.

By cumulating different tools that work with different axes and algorithms, the enterprises end up with different analyses/results that instead of helping them, make the task even more complicated. It is just like building a house and having 5 construction companies working on the same project. At some time, the communication won’t be optimal and they are going to collide their ideas, which is going to multiply the problems, misunderstandings and slow down the project.

What differentiates Cocolyze from the other SEO solutions?

We cannot deny that there are good SEO tools available in the market. However, it is also a fact that their majority remains too complex requiring an expertise that not all users have.

At Cocolyze, we work to offer a complete SEO tool that enables companies to save their time and money by allowing them to make practical decisions, quantify their actions, and keep an ongoing SEO strategy with clear and achievable goals.

Besides our action-oriented design, we also bet on a pedagogical approach, to guide and help users understand their actions. As I always say, it is about doing SEO with a method.

Another undeniable differential of Cocolyze is its user-friendly interface. We’ve done huge work on making the user experience at the center of our tool and the majority of the improvements done until now came from our clients’ demand. It has been working pretty well, and I believe that is our greatest value.

Cocolyze interface