What kind of team building office games to play on Zoom

With the COVID and lockdown all across the world, more and more companies are focusing on building remote teams from workers belonging to different parts of the world.

For online teams or virtual teams, it is important to engage them in some sort of activity to deepen the bond between the members of the teams, and for that purpose here is a list of some team building office games to play on Zoom to deepen the bond between the team members:

team building games on zoomWar of the Wizards

War of the Wizards is a unique game that you can try for virtual team building. It is a fun roleplaying game that goes for about 90 minutes and includes different events such as puzzle-solving, room escaping, storytelling, spell casting, world-building, etc.

The storyline of the game is that a group of wizards are at war against each other and none of them remember why. You and your colleagues become the minions and do everything in order to bring a peaceful resolution to the war.

It is a fun game that is different from other games yet a good choice for virtual team building. To be able to play the game, you don’t need to be an expert in RPGs. The game is relatively simple and accessible for people of all skill levels.


Scrabble Word Finder is another game that is a great choice for virtual team building. The game is simple to play yet it is very fun and becomes very competitive when playing against good players. On top of all that, there isn’t much required to know in order to play the game, the rules are simple and anyone can play the game.

A fun game that brings healthy competition to the table, that is much needed for virtual team building. Words with Friends is a similar game in case you are looking for an alternative. To fast-track your winning you may also use a Words with Friends Cheat to find winnable words easily.


You can also try Pictionary for virtual team building. The team members should get in two teams and the participants should play against each other. Using an online version of Pictionary such as Skribbl to create a virtual room for your team and start playing it. Get all the team members online and immediately start playing it.

Virtual bingo

Everyone loves a game of bingo no matter what their age is and it is a good game to play for virtual team building on Zoom. All you need is bingo cards in the form of images, questions, and a team that is ready to play. Once all of that is done, you all can get together on a video call and start playing bingo with each other. Everyone will be involved and you will also find out about each other and what’s common in all the team members.

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is a game that most of us have played at some stage in our life, however, it usually develops into an NSFW once everyone starts asking NSFW questions. However, you can play the game by keeping all the questions work-friendly. In this way, not only will you all be able to interact with each other but also get to know each other better and have fun doing so.