Gary Kaplan: The man behind Water 4 Africa

Gary Kaplan founded Water 4 Africa, an organization that addresses severe water issues in African communities where much water exists under the ground, but there isn’t the technology to reach and clean it.

Water is necessary for the basic survival of life, for avoiding hunger, and for growing and preparing food. Water 4 Africa and Gary Kaplan plan to fix water issues in African communities.

water in aftrica childToo many underdeveloped African communities have a very limited supply, or none at all, or the water is contaminated and infected with pathogens, bacteria, and dangerous chemicals that make the people intensely ill. The feeble like the children, the elderly, and those already sick are at special risk for more health issues. Philanthropic organizations like that of Gary Kaplan’s, help to enhance the lives of these community members.

A visit to Zambia in the central portion of the southern region of Africa by Gary Kaplan horrified him to see the sicknesses that were due to unsanitary and insufficient water supplies. So he decided to do something about that, which led to Water 4 Africa.

What are the organization’s steps to clean the water?

  • Provide the resources to repair existing broken wells in villages that have their own wells.
  • Drill new wells if at all possible.
  • Recycle and reuse the wastewater after it has been properly cleaned. Water 4 Africa is building small desalination plants powered by solar energy in remote communities to enable villagers to have their own wastewater recycled and lead to becoming self-sufficient.
  • Working to make water prices more affordable for ordinary people.
  • Gary Kaplan Water 4 AfricaSponsoring educational initiatives to teach the Africans how to prevent waste when they use water in their agriculture, which is often mismanaged or inadequate. That makes the crops not grow to their full potential, which adds hunger to the problems.

Water 4 Africa’s initiatives are already making an enormous difference and will continue to do so. Their ambitious future action plans in the above-mentioned key areas are the most significant opportunities that make a difference. Hope is given to disadvantaged people who are struggling so hard to survive.