Nail training courses offer a great home business opportunity

From lockdowns to furloughs, 2020 wasn’t a fun year for business! As COVID-19 swept across the UK, the unemployment rate rose to 5.1% – the highest it’s been in five years – and businesses across the country were forced to close.

Whilst this certainly sounds all doom and gloom, it doesn’t have to be! Many people are taking this time as a moment to pause, reflect on where they are in life, and change course to make themselves happier every day. For a lot of people, that means becoming their own boss. Training to become a nail technician is easy, with the right course, and in the end, you will have a business to call your own!

nail technician training The beauty industry is a sector that’s been booming for years now and is set to continue to grow once the pandemic is over! One of the most in-demand services at the moment is for nails, and training to become a nail technician could be the key to running your own business (and life). We spoke to leading UK provider Future in Beauty Nail Technician Courses to find out why many want-to-be entrepreneurs are looking to this sector for their business startup.

Why should you become a nail technician?

Becoming a nail technician is a brilliant career choice for, well… pretty much anyone! With the right training, you can become a professional nail technician quickly. There’s no need to go back to college or attend night classes – in fact, there are a lot of home courses that you can do if you’re in lockdown. 

It’s also a reliable career choice. Unless there’s some kind of apocalypse, it doesn’t look like people will stop wanting their nails done any time soon, so there’ll always be an audience for you to market to! The beauty industry is known for being lucrative, and there’s a lot of money to be made if you can create professional nails. 

If you’re a creative soul, becoming a nail technician will give you a chance to unleash that whilst earning money. Nails don’t have to be straightforward, black and white polish. You can do all kinds of wonderful designs on nails, adding gems, different colour combinations, and even tiny works of art! If you can do these bespoke nails, you can expect to earn more money, too. People are willing to pay hundreds for beautiful nails. If you’re not creative, don’t worry! There are plenty of people out there looking for more straightforward designs, like a simple french tip.

Become your own boss

Many people think that becoming a nail technician means going to work in a salon, but that definitely doesn’t have to be the case. If you’re sick of working for someone else, you can easily become a self-employed, freelance nail technician. Once you have your qualifications, you have a sellable skill that you can use to be your own boss. You can work out of your home or visit others too, so overhead costs are low. 

All you’ll need to do to get started is market yourself! This isn’t as scary as it sounds. To start promoting your services, jump on Instagram and set up a profile for your business. Offer free (or discounted) nails to friends and family and take pictures of the results to upload so that you can start showing off your skills. It really is as easy as that!

How to get started as a nail technician

If you think that this might be the career choice for you, the first step is to look into a nail technician course. By earning a qualification, you’ll instantly be more trustworthy to your target audience and can charge more for your services, which is a win-win.

There are plenty of courses out there, so make sure you choose the right one for you. At the moment, online courses like those from Future in Beauty are the best choice. Find one that offers the right accreditations for the UK, which is a level 2 NVQ. It’s also a good idea to check reviews before committing so you can see what other people are saying; if there are too many negative comments, don’t do the course!

A good nail training course should give you the skills and knowledge you need to start on your own. Take your time finding the right one for you and become your own boss this year.