Website development process checklist for 2021

The online marketplace is booming with eCommerce setups and the demand is ever-high.

Your setup will also benefit vastly from a well-designed website that is both easily accessible and adds value to your customer’s visit. Here’s a useful website development process checklist for 2021.

website developmentA summary of the website development process steps

To put it briefly, here are the steps of website development:

  1. Present a summary of your aims and objectives
  2. Create an endless supply of content
  3. Customize the website’s layout to near-perfection
  4. Develop the site’s code and scrutinize for errors or bugs
  5. Choose an appropriate theme and design for your site
  6. Recheck for any issues
  7. Make your site public and incorporate public feedback

Here are some website hosting options for WordPress:


Hosting Service

Total Refund Warranty Most Economic Shared Hosting Most Economic Managed Hosting Most Economic WooCommerce Hosting Number of Hosting Plans Offered
Bluehost 30 Days $2.95 $19.95 $6.95 9
A2 Hosting Whenever $2.99 $11.99 7
HostGator 45 Days $5.95 3


Just be sure to stay on top of recent developments and mold your online presence accordingly.

Rank better with this 2021 website development checklist

Be sure to check in further about ‘what is the process of website development’ to explore it in greater depth.

Anyways, moving on…

You can make your website more rewarding by checking out everything from this list:

  • Dedicate time to constant audits.
  • Employ the services of Google Analytics to see how the site is working out.
  • Make a website map and simply the navigation to make every aspect easily accessible.
  • Double-check to see that all plugins, codes, and security elements are working fine.
  • Add 3D art and similar elements to communicate your message easily.
  • Throw in SEO key phrases in the mixture but do so smartly.
  • See what your competitors are up to.
  • Never let your content supply run dry, repurpose old articles if need be.
  • Add chatbots and self-help sections for your customer’s convenience.

Bottom line – Stay up to date with ranking trends

Ranking trends evolve constantly, you will be able to get the best out of them if you stay up to date with these shifts and act accordingly before your competitors.

Just put in the time and effort, and it will all pay for itself, many-folds more!