Lifestyle Finding confidence in beauty

The beauty industry is a rapidly expanding one. In 2018 the worldwide cosmetics market was said to be worth $507.8 billion. By 2025 cosmetics are projected to grow to $758.4 billion. As with all industries on the internet, platforms grow in the form of websites and is to beauty what Amazon is to retail. know that beauty is an individual process. Every person has their own vision of what makes them beautiful. Cosmetics highlight the beauty within. It is about discovering the confidence to uncover what works for us that is the difficult part.

beauty productsFinding the look that works is the difference between a ‘regular’ person and the people we look up to as beauty icons. Beauty is discovering the right products and processes to create outside beauty. With sheer size of the online world, it can be intimidating to start a journey into cosmetics. MAKEUP understands this. That is why they offer a lookfantastic student discount to help young people find their beauty

The customer experience

With over 280 million users making 45 million purchases a year in 14 different countries across Europe, MAKEUP is always on the lookout to add new products to their collections. Adding to their already extensive 200,000 products over 4500 brands to give their customers the widest range of choice is an important part of the business.

The MAKEUP team knows that an issue with being an online business is how customers can feel disconnected from the brand. That is why they are always available to help through email or arrange a call back with one of the customer service teams.

MAKEUP has created an online beauty community to share hands on advice. A constantly improving website aims to give customers reviews and insight into finding exactly what they need. Customers can even use the beauty scanner to find the particular product they are looking for when out and about.

Beauty trends

One aspect of being in the beauty industry is keeping up with trends. MAKEUP has this covered. They make sure that their customers are on top of the most recent trends. They send out over one million samples every year so that their customers always have the chance to discover a new favourite.

A huge part of being a website is social media. With well over two million followers on Facebook and Instagram, there is always more to hear from the MAKEUP team. Coupled with their YouTube channel, blog and millions of product reviews there is always more to discover, and learn.