The pros and cons of manned guarding for your business

If you are a business owner or hold significant responsibilities in the day-to-day running of a business, it’s important not to neglect security features.

While this may seem obvious, businesses can be prone to leaving things as they are until it’s too late and they’ve felt the effects of a damaging situation. You should go above a beyond to protect your premises, employees, and business interests. This doesn’t mean implementing any old solution just to tick off the standard requirements. Opting for cheap options can be just as harmful as having no security systems in place. Solutions like manned guarding is a security system that some businesses would never consider, but they should.

manned guardingAs a security specialist that provides a wide range of services to businesses throughout the UK, Stage Security possesses expert knowledge and experience in this area. One of Stage Security’s top services, particularly during COVID-19, is manned guarding and static guarding which protects businesses from intruders and other damaging incidents.

In today’s article that focusses on business security, Stage Security will provide some helpful insight into what manned guarding is and how it can help keep you and your business secure.

What is manned guarding?

In very simple terms, manned guarding can be described as a physical security presence by individual personnel or a team of guards. Manned guarding is a potential solution for any business location, whether a warehouse, an office or a retail store, and can be operated at any time of the day. However, it is particularly effective during the twilight hours when premises are closed and criminals are more likely to attack. Manned guarding is also often described as static guarding, with the two terms meaning the same thing.

The main purpose of this security system is to protect premises from a range of potential dangers, including unauthorised access, criminal damage, theft, assaults, and fire emergencies. Static guards are there to provide a deterrent as well as to respond swiftly in the case of an ongoing incident.

The pros of manned guarding

There is an abundance of pros when it comes to implementing an effective manned guarding solution for your business. The ultimate benefit is that this is a fully on-site security service operated by professional guards. The human touch is what matters most with this service. By having manned guards situated on the premises, your security will be much more flexible and the guards will be able to patrol areas that technology cannot secure, such as CCTV blind spots. Guards will be able to use common sense, as opposed to an automated approach, and can identify suspicious activity that is only detected by the human eye. As security personnel will alert their routes and how they operated, manned guarding is less predictable for criminals to gain an upper hand.

There are two key aspects of manned guarding: prevention and de-escalation. First and foremost, manned guarding offers a physical deterrent to crime. Guards will wear visible clothing which highlights them as a visible threat from a distance. When it’s clear that there is a physical presence on the site, criminals are significantly less likely to break in and cause damage to your business. While security technology can also help deter crime, more often than not it simply forces criminals to act quicker rather than preventing them from acting at all. Security guards are experienced and trained to a high standard, allowing them to recognise dangers, identify security risks, and implement solutions to prevent crime. If an active situation occurs, they can also use their skills and know how to bring the situation under control, such as scaring off trespassers, apprehending criminals, or involving emergency services. Above all else, security guards work with efficiency in mind to secure your business while acting professionally and to the law.

The cons of manned guarding

In truth, static guarding is a valuable service that you should consider investing in to keep your business safe and secure. However, there are a few potential cons to be aware of. The biggest issue that may be a concern is cost. Whether paying guards on your payroll or paying for the services of a security company, manned guarding doesn’t come free. You should shop around for a cost-effective solution but remember not to focus on cheap; it’s still important to find solutions that protect your business in the longer run. The benefits of highly-quality manned guarding will far outweigh the prices that you pay. It may not seem necessary right now, but having lapses in security is a risky move. Manned guarding will not only prevent damage to your revenue and reputation but also limit the impact of damage from incidents that do occur.

Another potential con of manned guarding is that it may invoke a false sense of security. Manned guarding will significantly improve your business security, but it cannot guarantee that incidents won’t happen. It’s important that you and your employees don’t let up your guard, especially when it comes to the basics like locking up the area. You and your employees will still have a responsibility in protecting the business. Last of all, manned guarding is best used in tangent with security technology and equipment such as CCTV, motion sensors and access control. If any of these are missing, then one would become extremely limited. For example, having CCTV installed but no guards will mean an inadequate response, while hiring guards without CCTV will mean that your security personnel is left to their own pair of eyes.