What should I know before working as a travel nurse?

Are you searching for a career that offers both stability and adventure while learning and putting your knowledge into action?

Travel nursing provides a variance of experiences for those brave hearts who have chosen this path. Whether you have already selected a location to venture your specialty, there are several factors that you need to consider before taking a leap of faith to become a travel nurse. 

travel nurse in airportIs a travel nurse a good job?

With plenty of benefits, a travel nursing career equates to limitless opportunities and great pay. One of the most notable benefits of travel nursing is spending some time traveling, meeting people, improving your skill set, building up your resume, and taking assignments in a diverse environment. Aside from that, it’s an in-demand career. This means that the number of travel nurses will increase by 40% this year moving forward.

But the real question is, “Is a travel nurse career worth it?” Assuming you plan to be a travel nurse gypsy, there are several elements that you should know. Before you search for those travel nurse jobs near me, this guide will walk you through everything you need to know about this booming career. For the sake of this article, breaking down essential chunks of information will help you decide whether you want it or you really want it. 

Find the perfect staffing company

Your travel nursing journey begins by searching for a reputable staffing agency to help and represent you. Besides planning, you have to do a quick research about the staffing company you plan to join. Check the following:

  • Agencies overall reputation
  • Industry experience
  • Certifications
  • Assignment quality 
  • Facility agreements
  • Benefits, incentives, pay rates 

Before you start your travel nurse journey, identify what you want. Once you’ve decided on this factor, it will be easier for you to find a recruitment agency to fill in your preference.

Trusted recruiter

You’ll need someone you can trust and understand what you need and your preferences. A reliable recruiter understands the travel nurse’s deepest desires and the business needs, and the latest trends. Once you find the perfect recruiter, ensure that the line of communication is always open to establishing a solid partnership.


Before applying for a travel nurse career, you must first obtain the required experience based on your specialty, location, and facility. Your readiness and flexibility are vital. A trusted recruiter will help you out and provide you with tips and techniques to easily find your dream job.

Paperworks/ licensing

Whether you plan to work in another area, It’s essential to check the licensure requirements for every state. Several paperwork and documents may be complicated for you, and this is where a trusted recruiter helps you out. 

Contract policy

Each assignment is outlined via a contract with specific details of your pay rate, length of the work, and particular conditions. Before signing out your contract, it’s essential that you check it out first. If you have any questions, feel free to raise them and clarify once and for all. 

Several factors include your housing benefits, guaranteed working hours, or if you need to commit to the typical 13-week assignment length. Allow your trusted recruiter to explain things that you are not familiar with. 

Housing options

Once assignments are secured, consider the available housing options for you. Varying on your location, most travel nurse agencies provide free accommodation, private housing, and other options ideal for you. In case you prefer a different housing option, you can check with your agency for a monthly accommodation subsidy. 

Travel nursing is an in-demand career with tons of benefits, including:

  • It offers an excellent pay rate with tons of exclusive benefits 
  • Multiple opportunities and adventure
  • Offers professional growth from unique experiences and facilities
  • Flexibility and complete freedom to choose what you want
  • Avoids management issues and work politics
  • High demand area
  • The unlimited myriad of specialties 
  • An excellent resume builder
  • Affordable housing options 
  • Get to know new people 

What skills do I need to become a travel nurse?

Besides specialty experience, the love to travel to various places, and an RN degree, a travel nurse must have specific soft skills to be part of this industry. Soft skills enable you to communicate effectively with others and build long-lasting relationships. These soft skills increase your success rate while going for an adventure you’ll never forget.


With flexibility, you can compromise and change specific areas on your new team to meet your employer’s unique needs. If you can bend and flex with the ever-changing requirements, you become a valuable team member. 


This is a vital skill every travel nurse must possess. Easy adaptability to new settings and assignments enables you to work efficiently. Since you’ll be moving from one place to another after several months, it allows both personal and professional growth.

Emotional intelligence

Aside from time and effort, it takes a superior emotional intelligence to build a lasting and strong relationship. Emotional intelligence means you know how to empathize, communicate, and understand everyone around you effectively.

Excellent communication skills

Since you are joining various teams in a limited time, being able to communicate effectively is essential. Speaking in a friendly and precise way will help you succeed with every assignment you take.


Traveling is risky, and as you venture on this career type, you must also think of saving some for later as your safety net. As they say, you have to prepare even for the worst to ensure success. Working as a travel nurse allows you to explore new boundaries and learn new skills while meeting new people and building up your resume. On top of that, there are tons of benefits when it comes to becoming a travel nurse.