Where to start collecting employee feedback?

Employee engagement is getting more and more important for companies these days. Since COVID-19 is not helping to increase the well-being of the employees.

Lockdowns resulted in having people abruptly working from home, losing jobs, uncertain futures, lack of communication, and so on. As much as businesses have struggled with the uncertainty, every employee has felt the same.

employee feedbackCompanies are having difficulties how to get their employees enthusiastic and involved with their work. How to get them passionate and devote the same amount of time they did when they were in the office.

Do employees need to be engaged?

Employee engagement is described as the degree of commitment towards the company’s goal and values, and motivation to contribute to the company’s success. When an employee is willing to go the extra mile, it will have a positive effect on the success of the company. An employee is not working to only get their salary, they want to entrust themselves to the company and the team they work with. Furthermore, employee engagement is essential for a company since it can lead to a competitive advantage because employees are also seen as the company’s ambassadors. When they are positive, it leads to positive reviews, referrals, recommendations, and word of mouth. Also, the company will have to deal with less employee turnover and better productivity.

On the other hand, dissatisfied employees lead to potential fires, recurring leaves of absence, missing deadlines, and negative reviews. Even the workload can increase for the other employees because work has to be picked up, and this can cause even more frustration. Employees can feel like this when they do not feel appreciated or there is no opportunity for them to share their experiences. Implementing a comprehensive corporate alumni program provides a platform for employees to share their experiences, feel appreciated, and contribute to a positive work culture, minimizing the risk of dissatisfaction and its associated challenges.

How and where to measure employee engagement?

The best way to collect and measure employee engagement is via employee engagement surveys. Just like customer satisfaction surveys, it allows both the company and employee to take part in the improvement process. Some companies are in a mature phase and collect on regular basis feedback from the employees because it gives the employees room to share their experiences. When you start this process, it is important to focus on several aspects of a company, e.g., the leadership of the company, opportunities, learnings, resources, benefits, and more. Give the employees the opportunity to not only rate for quantitative input, but also provide qualitative input. Once the input is collected, share the overall results to involve the employees and to also be transparent. Note that it is very important to do this anonymously since many employees are uncomfortable providing feedback. They fear that the negative feedback might be used against them.

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