Cleaning carpets professionally – How long does it take

Most people want their carpets to be clean as soon as possible. Truth is that most professional cleaning services clean carpets quickly and efficiently, but how long it takes depends on many factors.

The following are some things that affect how long it takes for cleaning carpets professionally.

cleaning carpets professionallyFactors that influence the duration of cleaning carpets


Smaller carpets can be cleaned in less than half an hour, while bigger carpets can take a longer time. This is not a rule that you should strongly rely upon, because the Carpet Cleaning London professionals are the only ones that can tell you precisely how long will it take for a specific carpet to be cleaned. If the carpet is heavily stained, visibly dirty, and if it has not been cleaned in a very long time, then it might need several cleaning runs to be thoroughly clean. That certainly adds to the time for cleaning.


The overall condition of the carpet is another factor. If there is mold, grease, hard stains, dirt, and other particles, then the carpet cleaning will take some time to finish. Dirtier carpets will require deeper and more thorough cleaning. Some solutions may be applied before its treatment with a machine. That will add a few more minutes to the time necessary for cleaning.

Type of carpet

Carpets that have natural fibers require a longer time for drying in comparison to carpets made of synthetic fibers. Their treatment is also not the same because natural fibers require a more sensitive approach. In general, carpets with natural fibers take longer to clean and they need to be cleaned more often so they will stay in the best shape.

Cleaning products

Another factor to consider is the type of solutions applied to the carpet. Some carpets require taking several pre-cleaning steps before the main cleaning. Pre-spraying, applying solutions and other things may be necessary for some types of carpets. All of that increases the time for cleaning.


Drying time depends on weather conditions. Upholstery cleaning London work indoors when treating carpets and sofas. After they finish cleaning the carpet, the carpet must dry properly before it is used again. If the atmosphere is humid, cold, or if it is rainy outside, then it may take a few hours before a carpet is dry. If there is good ventilation inside the room the carpet may dry more quickly, so that is another thing to keep in mind. Air movement is very important for the carpets to dry quickly. If the room receives a good amount of air or if ceiling fans are blowing, then the drying time will go faster.

These were some things that affect the duration of carpet cleaning. There are many factors involved, so the best thing to do is to consult professional cleaners. They will tell you roughly how long will it take for your specific carpets to be cleaned and dried. That way you can plan your time to relax while your carpets are cleaned.