Why you should switch to tech jobs to face COVID-19

This situation we’re currently living in has caused several problems, COVID-19 does not only affect health.

The economy is in a delicate state as companies across all industries are forced to temporarily – or permanently – cease operation. These statistics reported by The Guardian are proof of how the pandemic has damaged the financial wealth of many companies. According to the article, more than 16 million jobs have been lost to coronavirus. However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t companies hiring new employees. Companies in the tech industry are still on the float and are collaborating to ease problems with various jobs caused by COVID-19.

tech jobs in COVID-19Now that you know this, have you considered switching your career to one in the tech industry? Most tech jobs can be worked remotely, which will allow you to stay at home and adhere to social distancing norms caused by COVID-19, while still having an income.

Remote tech jobs

During the COVID-19 lockdown, you need to find a job that allows out-of-office work, and a career in tech offers the best options.

A study by Jai Sajnani, as reported by Forbes, through a Google Forms database, there are companies in the tech industry that are hiring software engineers, designers, and digital marketers. However, it is the data scientist position that is crucial in the study of the “behavior” of the pandemic and its importance will evolve.

UX and UI design

Competence in User Experience and User Interface functionality is important in the world of design, but not exactly on an artistic level. UX and UI design are about purpose and logic. UX and UI professionals are dedicated to making the most of the user-friendly experience. UX design professionals are different from artists because they code to create visual and practical aspects for improved user experience, while UI creators work with the interface to make the user-product interaction more enjoyable. 

UX and UI designers make up to $113,000 in a yearly salary, and you can learn this skill at General Assembly.

Data science 

Data science an in-demand skill these days, especially because the practice can help healthcare companies study the future outcomes of this pandemic. This way, scientists and doctors can come up with clear decisions based on the future scope of COVID-19.

A data scientist can probe a company’s data set, filter information, analyze the results, and create digestible content that can be shared with team members. Data science is a profession that helps companies make wise business decisions based on information about specific phenomenons. And if you think about it, it’s a very profitable profession. Data analysts can make up to $123,000 a year.  

Software engineering 

Software engineering is another skill that’s currently in high demand. The reason why 61 out of 85 tech companies are hiring software developers during COVID-19 is that healthcare companies need to have functional software and apps that can handle excessive loads. Software engineering helps patients find answers quicker, and more efficiently when dealing with an emergency. Besides, other industries are still working and need to stay ahead in the digital arena.

You can learn this skill in several schools such as Flatiron School or Thinkful. You can also check this list of best coding bootcamps to have a better insight and choose the best fit for your needs.