Benefits of starting up a business in Amsterdam with a virtual office address

Netherlands’ capital, Amsterdam, is not only just a travel destination due to its fascinating spots and charismatic atmosphere but it is also a center of booming business.

Amsterdam is an ideal place to start a business as creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship is widely acknowledged here. In this city of canals, people have adequate time for activities like travel, family trips, and personal hobbies because this place is an ultimate example of a work-life balance theory.

business in amsterdam with tulipsAmsterdam is an excellent mixture of 180 nationalities. However, this diverse city does not have maximal language barriers. The majority of the city’s dwellers speak English. Therefore, if you are planning to start a business there, language won’t be a problem for you. You can adjust here easily with basic international language. In addition to that, you will not struggle in finding talent and skills there as 60% of its population have higher education degrees.

Exceptional life, numerous opportunities, and auspicious monetary packages have made Amsterdam an enticing business destination. For fields like medicine, fashion, finance, IT, and the media industry, this city is considered more appropriate. With its finest logical facilities and World’s largest data hub Amsterdam Internet Exchange, this city is perfect for entrepreneurs.

Amsterdam: A pivotal point for startups

In a town that has enhanced technological advancements and future-oriented folks, it can be someone’s ultimate dream to start a business in such a place. Along with this, the whole transport system of this city consisting of trains, trams, ferries, and smooth plain tracks for bike riders is another interesting thing. One can easily travel from one side of the city to the other side in just half an hour.

Another important point here is, this city as compared to many European cities as well as the United States offers a lesser cost of living. Almost 30 percent tax break for the foreign nationals in combination with low grocery prices being the reason, many international firms choose this city.

The headquarters or home offices of many international and multinational companies are in Amsterdam. This city is home to many reputed firms like Tesla, Microsoft, Uber, Netflix, TomTom, IBM, Delta Lloyd Group, AkzoNobel, Heineken International, ING Group,, and Twitter.

Infrastructural excellence is yet another wonder of this enchanting city. Amsterdam also has Europe’s largest and world’s third-largest airport named Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

In addition to that, the environment of this city is very community-oriented. Folks here care for each other and stand with each other in times of need. Almost 92 percent of the total population states that they depend on each other during hard and challenging times, a survey claimed.

This paradise-like city with technological advancements and enriched with liveliness, museums, theatres, art centers, architecture allure people to live in this magical city and launch a business here.

A Dutch VAT number on a registered address

Amsterdam can bring your business a lot. To launch a business in Amsterdam, there are some requirements that you need to fulfill. For example;

  •  Your business first has to register in the ‘Handelsregister’ or the ‘Netherlands Chamber of Commerce’.
  • After getting registered, they will provide you with a Dutch VAT number that will enable you to invoice with your customers. If you’re in the import and export business, this VAT number will also serve as a license to import goods into the European Union.
  • Along with that, if you want to register your company with the Dutch Commercial Register, you must possess an office or a virtual office in Amsterdam. With so many advantages like cost-effectiveness and affordability, a virtual office allows you to run your business effortlessly.

Another noteworthy thing is that, according to the requirements of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and Tax Administration, your virtual office must have a similarity with the real office, not merely a mailing address. In this regard, Dutch virtual offices give a registered as well as virtual address with post-forward via scan to ensure that your business operates facilely.

Moreover, having a virtual office in the capital of the Netherlands would definitely leave a reliable impression on your partners as well as customers while resolving your possible import issues.